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Published: 2023/02/22

Identity is a common theme in most of the movies nowadays. Three remarkable works that independently tackled the concept and theme of identity are “The Namesake”, “Smoke Signals”, and “Drunk Girl in Stilettos”. These works individually showcase their own version about identity and jointly contributed to the universal idea that the identity of every person is important. One should know their roots and acknowledge where they come from in order for them not to get lost in life. Three significant minor characters that uniformly represent and reflect the identity of the main characters of each work are Ashoke of “The Namesake”, Arnold from “The Smoke Signals”, and Jackie Frutag of “Drunk Girl in Stilettos”.
The movie “The Namesake” is an Indian movie where the story of an Indian family is adapting to the US culture. The couple Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli had a son that they named Gogol. Gogol, immersed in the US culture has adapted to the Western ways compromising his identity. Ashoke, being a father, taught his son about the roots of their culture. He did his part as a father reminding Gogol about his lineage and how he should preserve their culture. Although he died in the movie, the lessons that he contributed to his son lasted. After his death, Gogol realized that the blood that ran in his veins was significant in defining his identity. Through the many teachings of Ashoke to him, he was able to redirect himself to his real identity and managed to get back to his original heritage. In the end, he travelled all around the world. Despite his many voyages, the influences of Ashoke were very fresh to him. Ashoke made a lasting effect to the main protagonist causing a transformation in the characterization of the main character.
Another movie that tackled the theme of identity is the movie “Smoke Signals”. The minor character that made such an impact to the major characters is Arnold, the father of Victor. Victor had a feeling of hatred to his father due to his father’s saving an orphan named Thomas. Arnold was a heroic father that saved a child from the neighbor’s fire. However, Victor developed a feeling of angst to his father due to some past events. The main protagonist struggled with the issue of forgiveness to Arnold. However, when Arnold died, the life of Victor significantly changed. Victor was confronted with issues of forgiveness of a son to a loving father. Despite the many circumstances that marred their relationship, Arnold served as a great reminder to Victor about his identity. Victor laid out a foundation of their heritage to his son. His presence in the movie evoked a sense of belongingness, where one finds their roots and connects their lives to them. When a person is identified and connected with his roots, there is peace in their hearts.
The last work that tackled the concept about identity is the short story by Lee Martin with title “Drunk Girl in Stilettos”. The remarkable figure with minor character is Jackie Frutag, the father of Lily, one of the protagonists in the story. The presence of Jackie was a reminder for Lily about her roots and identity. Lily was not the great daughter to her father. She was marked with negativity in her family due to her drinking habits. She was a rebellious child and did not obey the precepts that her father taught her. The death of Jacke Frutag turned her life upside down such that the values he instilled to her daughter were actually intact in her mind. Jackie was a preacher that imparted good values to his daughter. His presence connected the other characters to their spirituality and faith. On his death, Lily, acknowledging her wrongdoings, went to his dead father, and sought for that one moment where she can have with her father. She returned to her family and reconnected herself to her roots.
The context of identity in these three works is very much defined. Evidently, there would always be people that would remind others about their identity. The father figure that is common to these three works served as the main reminder for the protagonists about their heritage. They are the best source for their kin in the identification of their roots connecting them to the lifeblood where they could relate. There is a strong pull of identities in the presence of fathers where they lead their children in knowing their selves, discover their roots, and lead their lives in peace. A peaceful life can only happen when one is living with the knowledge and acceptance of his identity. The protagonists in the three stories, at some point got lost because they wanted to forget their past. In effect, they got lost and did not have peace in their hearts. Fathers are the best people to set the foundational direction to their children. Their lives served as a model for their children to know the right direction of their lives. These stories about identity can be related to the conditions in Hong Kong. The people in Hong Kong value their traditions and their identity. There is a strong lesson about the theme identity that made people like the children to follow the path of their forefathers. In Hong Kong, the same problem is encountered.

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