Sundjata The Lion Critical Thinking

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Sundjata Keita is said to be the founder of Mali Empire and hero of the Malinke people who come from West Africa. The basis of Sunjata throne a king who would be a great ruler and would also unite all kingdoms of Mali into a single empire. His historical significance is that of a good king who united the kingdoms of Mali and defeated Soumaoro.
Ancient Mali is located in Africa. It was in the western part of Africa with Niger river flowing through the Empire. It has trade routes that run to Mediterranean sea as well as across Egypt.
Ancient Mali was a country located in Western Africa while ancient empire of Mali is also regarded as Manden Kurufaba still found in West Africa but founded by Sunjata Keita. It comprised of many kingdoms.
Mande speaking people is a ethnic family in West Africa speaking Mande language that come from a group of Niger-Congo family. One of the Mande people is the Mandinka forming the largest part of West Africa.
Mandingo is an ethnic group in West Africa and can be said to be a tribe. This is due to their high population belonging to Mande group of people.
Mandingo culture accustomed magic to their traditional practices. One of the uses of magic was protection in times of battle. The used magic to convince their opponents and hide without being seen. They also used the magic to defeat their opponents. Magic was also used in music to impress people.
In pre-monotheistic tradition that was religious, there could be no distinction between magic and religion. However, western monotheism brought the difference, where religion was based on miracles while magic based on folk belief.
According to the story, Mali relied on food substances as their economy. They used to be subsistence farmers relying on millet, sorghum, rice, indigo as well as cotton for their living.
Griot was used in West African tribes as storyteller, historian, musician, praise singer or a poet. Griot was seen as a leader in the society since they were used to advice the Royals. In the government, Griots were used to advise the royal family, mostly the king. They were used for entertainment and giving historical stories.
A Griot story of the history of Mali had to be reliable since they were viewed as knowledgeable people. For one to qualify to be a Griot, there were many tests that an individual had to pass. In Mali, Griots were both storytellers as well as historians. Griot had to do both duties in the empire.
According to the story, women are viewed as special. This is because they are being referred to the queen. Again they are viewed to be influential. The Queen influenced the elders to make her son the King and made Sunjata Keita to go into exile in another empire.
Hunters were special guild in the society since they used to protect the empires or rule when needed. They were also used to give information to the king. For instance, the Oracle who reported to the future ruler was a hunter.
Some of the social classes include, The King who was the head of the Kingdom together with the queen, there are hunters, armies used to protect the kingdom, witchcrafts who dealt with magic, and family structure as seen with King’s family.

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