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Though thousands of students face this challenge every day, articulating a worthy topic for an essay is truly something out of the ordinary. Driven by the desire to help, we've come up with this open-access directory of ideas for various types of essays. Whether you need to come up with a decent topic for a fairly simple descriptive high school piece or a novel university level problem & solution paper – here you will find a comprehensive selection of issues and materials to spark your creativity. So stop wasting valuable time and start browsing this catalog of good essay topics assembled by a team of experts from various fields of academia. Alternatively, you can request a set of topic ideas generated by degreed writers exclusively for you!

09 Apr 2020

How to Choose Topics for ‘The Metamorphosis’ Essay That Would be a Success?

Without any doubt, 'The Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka is one of the greatest works in the history of the world’s literature. Essay on this book is a typical assignment for high school and college students, so you are likely to get an academic paper about it at least once during the years of studies. Having to pick up good topics for ‘The Metamorphosis’ essays among the variety of possible ideas can turn a complicated yet engaging task. Even though there are many samples to explore on the Internet, you may end up with the feeling that you can’t come up with something new or really interesting. To give you a helping hand, we’ve prepared a list of fresh ideas you can use to start your paper.

At the same time, to allow you to get the job done with the minimum effort, we are ready to craft an entirely original paper on 'The Metamorphosis’ at a very affordable price.

metamorphosis essay topics

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09 Apr 2020

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics Based on a Well-Known Tragic Love Story

Let's' face it – there have been thousands upon thousands of high school and college students assigned to create Romeo and Juliet essays. One can't help but wonder if professors get tired of reading those numerous similar papers. Just imagine how many students write essays about the greatest love between young people and don't even bother thinking up an original hook for their piece. The first thing you must do when it comes to writing about Romeo and Juliet is trying to be original. Also, professors always evaluate essays starting from the title, so make sure yours will stand out.

romeo and juliet essay topics

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08 Apr 2020

What Topics Can Make Your Music Essays Stand Out?

Have you ever thought about how different our world would be without music? It's often called one of life's greatest miracles and "a universal language." If you're passionate about music and want to study it in detail, you may choose a school course in music or pursue a degree in it. In such a case writing music essays will become a natural part of your studying process. Music essays can be fun to prepare, but they have their peculiarities, too.

In this post, we'll answer all your questions on writing a music essay and offer a list of bright ideas that will make your creativity flourish.

However, even if this doesn't help you craft a decent paper, is always here to provide practical writing assistance. From offering original topic ideas to composing entirely unique papers – our experts can do it all. Get in touch today and figure out what we can do for you!

music essay topics

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06 Apr 2020

How to Find Out Outstanding Technology Essay Topics?

Currently, the technology field is developing at an extraordinary pace. Every day new discoveries, innovations, and areas of their application emerge, hence making its potential is inexhaustible. Technological progress has somehow captured all the people in the world.

Obviously, advancements in technology provide a vast scope and endless possibilities for research. This topic is extremely wide so that you could easily choose the aspect of study in your academic paper that will be really interesting and useful to you.

But still, selecting a proper technology essay topic may become a real challenge. If you're looking for a source of ideas for your essay or ready-made paper titles that will facilitate your choice of topic, you have come to the right place. Right here you'll find brilliant essay questions and topics related to technology. Keep reading and choose what suits you best!

technology essay topics

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03 Apr 2020

Argumentative Essay Topics Education Sphere Students Should Consider for Writing

Essays on education come in many styles and forms, with each of them having its peculiarities and challenges. Many students consider argumentative essays on education extremely exciting. However, there are many other types of education essays that one can enjoy writing.

Whether you're looking for an example of a winning essay idea, or wonder how to tackle a particular type of education paper, our post is here to help you. The writing experts at are glad to offer you some bright education essay ideas and provide answers to any of your writing questions. Moreover, if you want to go a bit beyond, they can put all their expertise in order to practically help you craft an entirely unique piece.

education essay topics

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02 Apr 2020

What Are Some Good Satirical Essay Topics and Funny Ideas for Serious Papers?

One cannot but agree that satire is a brilliant form of humor. It's been used through the ages from Defoe to Swift, and now it's your turn to shine the light. If you are assigned a satirical paper and have no idea where to start, fret no more. We've prepared this article to give students like you a helping hand. So, don't waste your time and keep on reading for great topic ideas and writing tips.

And for those who feel like needing more practical help to accomplish the task, offers the services by professional writers.

satirical essay topics

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01 Apr 2020

The Great Gatsby Essay Topics to Craft a Really Good Paper

During the literature classes, you are expected to read one of the most prominent American novels – The Great Gatsby. In this literary work, Scott Fitzgerald most clearly revealed his talent. The book contains pathos, emotional tension, romance, and a sharp, even satirical look of the realist. These properties are intertwined in the novel, creating a bright and individual plot.

Fitzgerald's main goal is to debunk the American dream. This concept includes equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their starting capital and social origin. The author proves that a person who has put his whole life to receive material prosperity doesn't become happier from this. On the contrary, this person loses own "I," spiritual world and, as a result, the desire to live a full life. The novel highlights a wide range of important life issues, such as love, idealism, the strength of spirit, and human weakness.

the great gatsby essay topics

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31 Mar 2020

Best Topics to Nail Environmental Science Essays Easily

The environment is one of the fields that can boast of a broad range of essay topics to cover. This is the subject that touches the heart of many people and, thus, can become a good basis for your future paper. However, with so many topics to write about, it might be a real challenge to choose the right one. We recommend steering away from the common ideas that were already used by your course mates many times.

In addition to this, you need to find a really gripping topic to perform effective research. To succeed, look for a subject or issue that would give your teeth to study the facts deeply. If you are passionate about some aspects that relate to environmental science, that’s great. Still, remember to give your opinions a back seat so that to be able to produce a logical and respectful essay. You should never allow for your personal views to displace bare facts and rationality. Try to stay as realistic as possible to cover the hottest issues and provide the best ways of solving them. Below we have collected some compelling ideas for your next environmental science project. So, let’s get it started!

environmental science essay topics

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30 Mar 2020

Scholarship Essay Topics That Could Bring Your Paper to the Next Level

Applying for scholarships would be as easy as ABC if it wasn't for the writing assignment that often asks us to reflect on our life, our accomplishments, and future plans. For better or for worse, a scholarship essay is not only the most challenging part of the application but also the most important one. The topic you choose may have a massive impact on the final result. For instance, if you select a topic that bores you, what are the chances it wouldn't bore your readers? Try to come up with an idea you're passionate about or that at least interests you in some way rather than a topic you feel it would be right to cover. Only that way, your excitement, personality, along with all those traits that make you stand out from the crowd, can shine through in your academic writing! Below, you can take a look at the common thought-provoking questions for a scholarship essay and choose the one your heart sets on.

scholarship essay topic

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27 Mar 2020

What Diversity Essay Topics and Idea Examples Are Worth Discussing?

As the modern world is becoming more and more globalized, it's increasingly typical for professors to ask college students about their understanding of people and nations by writing a cultural diversity essay. It is only natural that diversity can be interpreted differently. For example, it might be cultural, gender, socioeconomic, racial, etc. Students tend to focus on race when writing diversity scholarship or any other assignment essay, as it's the most obvious aspect. However, it's only one of the issues within this broad subject. The introduction of your paper can accentuate stereotypes, policies or group bias. In your outline, remember to include relevant examples of how diversity is or should be maintained in society. In turn, when it comes to a compelling conclusion, provide the solution to the obstacles you highlight in the main body.

diversity essay topics

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