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Body language is an inherent part of communication in both humans and animals. It almost always happens unconsciously, although it's responsible for roughly 55% of the information we convey. However, we all think about our body posture, facial expressions, gestures, touch, the use of space, and eye movement at some point in time.

The interest in body language writing works among the general public peaked several years ago because of the immensely popular "Lie to Me" TV show. Yet, the most widely known expert and body language theory classifier is Allan Pease, who, along with his wife Barbara, wrote 18 books on the subject. If you're tasked with writing an essay on body language, you simply cannot skip reading their books. Another thing you might find quite helpful to check out is the database of free body language essays presented right here. Interesting topic ideas, content structuring techniques, and paper formatting peculiarities - these are just a few of many useful things you can take away from our collection.

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