Sample Essay on Why American Citizens Should be Required to Vote

Voting is an integral part of any democratic country and system. For many countries, voting is the hallmark of democracy since it gives citizens the power to choose political leaders who, among other aspects, will manage the public resources, take care of their interests and wellbeing, and protect them from any natural or manmade stressor. Accordingly, American citizens should be required to vote in general elections.

Americans should be required to vote because mandatory voting expands democracy. Democracy is about all people having a say in how others govern their county, including how they realize their interests. Since America is a democracy, voting should be mandatory so that the voices of all people can be heard. It is evident that if just a section of people vote while others do not, political leaders will tend to favor those people and even give priority to their concerns (Text 1, Line 27). Therefore, not taking part in the voting process undermines democracy. Research indicates that most people who are poor and less educated are less likely to vote and, thus, they are more likely to face neglect from the political class (Text 1, Lines 29-30). Mandatory voting will ensure that everybody has a voice and that leaders will work hard to fulfill the needs and interests of everybody.

American Citizens Should be Required to Vote Essay Example

Americans should be required to vote because mandatory voting serves to legitimize the government. When most people in a country vote, it legitimizes the elected government as one that the majority of the nation wants (Text 2, Lines 10-11). A more legitimate government tends to serve a country better than others do since it has the full mandate of its people and can work without any political or legal objections. This aspect reduces the chances of a disputed election and, therefore, serves to make the country more harmonious. Mandatory voting will provide a cure to the polarization that exists in the nation today. Lack of mandatory voting has led to low voter turnout in America, which has led to the dominance of politics by die-hard political fanatics (Text 1 Line 45-47). Therefore, mandatory voting will lead to a high turnout, which will dilute the polarizing political elements that would not have a lot of significance in the political system.

Americans should be required to vote because mandatory voting increases their participation in all areas of civic society. Mandatory voting leads citizens to be more active in politics and be aware of political issues and their political environment. This outcome is possible because by forcing them to vote, citizens will understand that their vote matters. Therefore, they will want to know what person and what policies they will be voting for, and, thus, such inquiries increase their need to participate in politics. Being active and aware of the politics of the nation is instrumental in helping citizens to be active in other areas of civic society (Text 3 Lines 22-23). Accordingly, a politically active and aware public can only drive the country positively forward to more positive and beneficial changes and development. Besides, the more politically aware and active public is more likely to tackle issues of inequality brought about by levels of education and income better, and, therefore, assist the country in promoting equality (Text 1, Lines 39-40).

In conclusion, while it is evident that most people who oppose mandatory voting might suggest that forcing people to vote sounds undemocratic and stifling, it is obvious that the advantages are immense. Mandatory voting in America will expand democracy, provide for a more legitimate government, and increase the participation of the public in civic society. For these reasons, American citizens should be required to vote in general elections.