Benefits Of Pursuing A Specific Hobby Essay Examples

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Hobbies are considered to be some of life’s favorite pastimes. They are typically done for fun and pleasure during one’s free time. The enjoyment and satisfaction one gets out of partaking in a hobby is beyond fulfilling. There are all kinds of hobbies that can be pursued from stamp collecting to painting to writing to quilting and many more. Hobbies connect people from all walks of life who share common interests. Ideas are exchanged to enhance the hobby experience and build lasting connections that are hard to find in other ways. The benefits of pursuing a specific hobby provides health benefits and enhanced quality of life. These outcomes will be explored as well as why people have hobbies, the latest trends in hobbies, and how a hobby can be turned into a lucrative business.
When one pursues a hobby it is often done so for pleasure. It provides an opportunity for one to engage in an activity that they truly enjoy or are immensely interested in. The benefits of pursuing a particular hobby are many. Aside from giving one a sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment, hobbies have been proven to provide health benefits. The biggest benefit is a reduction in stress levels. Since hobbies are found to be enjoyable, one is seldom stressed. Hobbies create a leisurely atmosphere in which one works. There are no demands required of hobbies except that which one places upon themselves. Unlike the workplace where deadlines and persistent employers loom large, hobbies gives one a sense of peace. Research has shown that in some cases hobbies have been found to help patients with dementia. When dementia patients engage in “repetitive actions and the use of tangible objects-engagement” (Yatczak, 2011), it creates a realistic moment that helps keep them alert. Hobbies have also been found to improve motor functions.
Nearly everyone has one or more hobbies that they enjoy and participate in. The whole point of a hobby is to give one something they can invest their time in. Time is precious so all the more reason why it should be dedicated to something that has meaning and is fun and entertaining. Hobbies give one a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and an opportunity to share one’s talents and abilities with others. It creates a feeling of camaraderie, belonging, and connecting with others like nothing else can.
There are all kinds of hobbies one can partake in and the possibilities are endless. Hobbies are based upon one’s personal interests. As this pastime has evolved, there have been new trends in hobbies to emerge that people are taking quite an interest in. Some of the most popular hobbies expected to have a surge of interest in 2015 are pole dancing, wine tasting and learning to play the ukulele. Hobbies do not need to be far-fetched to be enjoyable. When selecting a hobby, it is always wise to choose things that are of great interest or at the very least something that has piqued interest. Sometimes the best hobbies are those that are discovered by accident or the propensity to try it has never before presented itself. The general rule of thumb most follow is to choose three hobbies to take up; one to make money, one to stay fit, and one for creative enjoyment as this leads to a well-balanced quality of life.
There have been many instances where an individual has turned their hobby into a business. The concept is one that has gained in popularity. It is like having the best of both worlds; doing what one loves and being able to generate an income. This can be accomplished a couple of different ways; through finding a job that closely matches ones interests and hobbies, or turning that hobby into a money-making venture. What better way to be rewards for one’s efforts and draw a paycheck than to “get paid for having fun” (Crosby, 2001). It may seem far-fetched, but is much easier to do than one might think. There are many hobbies that have seen lucrative return for one’s time and personal interest. Painting, sculpting, and writing are but a few. Other hobbies such as pet-sitting, gardening, and crafting have also been found to be successful business ventures. With websites such as Ebay and Etsy, an individual can take their hobby and showcase it to spark interest and sales to turn their part-time passion into a full-fledged business.
Hobbies are not only good for the individual but are good for the soul. There is something about delving into one’s passions that provides a reprieve from the fast-paced rigors of life. It helps one to slow down and enjoy the little nuances that are sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. Hobbies are a means of enabling one to create connections and bonds with others, and are a reflection of oneself that can be shared with the world.


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