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Though small and impoverished, Cameroon is an interesting country with a historically fascinating culture. The people are motivated for change, and are diverse. They have over 200 African dialects between them. However, the country’s government is corrupt, and sometimes keeps the country from moving forward toward prosperity. Though they achieved independence, many decades ago, Cameroon still must fight to make the progress it deserves, and continue building itself as a country and a culture.
The country of Cameroon, located in Central Africa, is technically known as the Republic of Africa, according to, “The Indigenous and the Alien Cameroon Writings.” It is nearly landlocked, primarily by war-torn countries such as Nigeria and the Republic of the Congo. As stated in, “Credit Booms and Macroeconomic Dynamics: Stylized Facts and Lessons for Low-Income Countries,” it is the world’s 53rd largest country, with a per-capita of $3,000 in 2013 . It rose only $300 in five years, making it one of the least wealthy, and least prosperous countries in the world. Despite its poor economy, it is attempting to establish itself as an emerging country by 2040 .
The $300 of growth in five years is preceded by a decade of prosperity throughout the country, wherein unemployment was at an all-time low and livestock, as well as yearly harvests were above annual estimates. Despite these setbacks, the last literacy rate was estimated at 70%. While the literacy rate bodes well for part of Cameroon’s future, child labor laws in the country are some of the worst in the world.
The culture of Cameroon is rich and colorful. The area was first settled during the Neolithic era. Over 200 different dialects exist within the territory, making the culture diverse and, at times, tense . Independence from the French was gained in 1960, which led to the economic prosperity experienced off and on by the tiny country, as well as the tumultuous inner relations experienced by the population. Politically, Cameroon is widely viewed as corrupt. The president is given an executive power once elected; they elect all other members of the government and though steps were taken to remove several of the corrupt policies holding the country back, by 2008 Cameroon was still considered 140th out of 172 corrupt countries by Transparency International .
Religious freedom is accepted and encouraged, perhaps due to the considerably higher rate of diversity within the country. Festivals are held often throughout the year in celebration for many of these religions; all festivals include music and dancing of different varieties based on the different cultures. Some welcome the whole population, while others are more exclusive . The literature of Cameroon is influenced by African guidance, but also that of previous European settlers. The same can also be said for the country’s taste in films. Though few films are made in Cameroon, many of the more popular ones that are exploring the country’s identity, specifically the country’s break from Europe, as well as the dynamic between Africa and Europe.
In sum, Cameroon is an interesting place, both in country and culture. Progress must be made for Cameroon to be considered an emerging country, but the citizens seem eager to make this happen. Corruption in the government will need to cease for the process to move forward. Culturally, though the country has endured hardships, they are using it to grow and produce literature and films that challenge the citizens and make the population understand who they are as a united country.


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