Essay On Creation Myths And Prophecies: Navajo And Hopi

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Published: 2021/01/11

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The three key concepts that are revealed in the Creation Myths are the binding factor of all tribes in the Native American world as well as the rest of the Creation theories and myths of other cultures and peoples. There is always mention of a “Great Being” or a “First Cause of all Life.” The Native Americans also do not distinguish between a “right way,” or a “wrong way” to interpret the meaning of things. The meaning is discovered when one thinks deeply about oneself and ones relationship with the “symbols and wisdom of the story.” A third element is that the stories are not static, but the elements in the stories remain the same to reveal the required truths to be communicated.
According to the third version the Navajo story, the Fire God burnt everything that Begochiddy made in the First World because of jealousy. Begochiddy then gathered all the things he had made and went to the Second World. As seen in the modern version as narrated by Fiona Passantino (, Begochiddy is seen as the creator of all things. He created most of the things existing in the First World, the Second World, the Third World, and the Fourth World. Thus, it would have been possible for Him to either recreate the world, or renew everything, instead of moving on to the next world. That is, if he wanted to move. He should not have allowed the Fire God to influence his decision in such a way.
Even though First Man was good and helped Begochiddy prepare to leave the First World, he was the one to bring disease to the Second World. In the Second World, the First Man met up with other people such as the Cat People and the Swallow People. This is when the groups starting having differences and not getting along. Thus, First Man decided to leave the Second World with red streaks in the sky to represent disease. This was before First Man and others left with Begochiddy to leave the Second World for the Third World.
Coyote or First Angry was one of the six beings in the Navajo myth. He stole some of the fire from the Fire God. He is known as a trickster, but has also done some good. In stealing some of the fire, his intention was to provide for the people to keep them warm and for them to cook. If one considers where the tribe lived, they might have frozen to death if he had not stolen some fire to keep them warm. They might also have gone hungry if they have not been able to cook some of the foods that were tough to eat if not cooked.
The Ever Changing Woman is what personifies the miracle that happened to save the Earth People from the savagery of evil monsters. Begochiddy was the creator of the world and had the ability to create new things all the time. This can be seen in the fact that there were always new things as the people moved form the First World to the Fourth World. It would, therefore seem that, because Begochiddy was the creator if new things, the people would always have him, and need him for renewal. He is therefore more important than Ever Changing Woman because she was there as a once off performer of a miracle.
The basic elements that Hopi spirituality teaches are about the interrelationships with the various spirits. The first aspect, therefore, is that everyone and everything is connected to the earth – everything has spirit. The Hopi believes in Time, and the way time changes and evolves in the world. Any changes are meant to be, as it is time for those changes. They see it as a renewal when things change in the physical world. They believe that the water, and the air are sacred. There is a Spirit World where you go once you leave the earth. According to elder, MadRazorRay, the Spirit World is everything.
The mythical stories of the Navajo reveal some of the elements that the Hopi elder speaks of are present. As the Navajo myth moves the people from the First World through to the Fourth World, changes occur. The Hopi believes time renews itself. Thus, it could be similar to the renewal that happened at the various stages in the lives of the Navajo myth. The floods and fires are just times of renewal, and according to the Hopi, it is therefore not a negative. The belief of the “Great Being,” or Begochiddy is also revealed in Hopi spirituality as Konkachila, which means Grandfather.

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