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There may be times when you do not want people to have the ability to edit your worksheets, or sections of your worksheets. To prevent edits being made to the data, and to protect your sheet, what must you do to the cells?
There are two ways to protect worksheet data in Excel. The first is to protect the entire workbook while the second is to protect certain cells. Workbook protection can be done by setting up password protection at two levels. One that restricts the user from Opening the Workbook and another that restricts him from Modifying the contents. In order to set up a password to open and view the workbook, you should do the following:

Click the Office Button and select the Prepare option.

In the dialog box, enter the password that will protect the entire work book.
In order to allow access but restrict changes to the worksheets do the following:
Click the Office Button and select the Prepare option.

In the dialog box, enter the password for allowing access but restricting changes.

In order to protect certain data within a worksheet do the following:
In the Review Tab within the Changes group click on Protect Sheet.
In the dialog box select the appropriate options and enter the password to protect the range of cells selected.
In order to sort data in a table that has common information in a key field I would use a multiple key sort. For example, an employee database would contain the last_name, middle_name, and first_name of each employee. It is likely that the last_name of more than one employee is the same. It is also probable that the middle_name of two or more employees is the same. In this situation, I would sort the table on three fields – last_name, middle_name, and first_name. The sort would be hierarchical. That is sort on last_name, within that on middle_name, and within that first_name.
Can you describe some situations in which you would have liked to exchange information between Excel and some other applications? What are these applications, and why was such an exchange desirable? How might such exchanges make your work faster, more efficient, or more accurate?
If I had to store employee pay roll data for a few employees (less than 100 employees), I could do so in an excel sheet. However, generating the salary slips from the excel sheet would require several complex steps. If this data is transferred to Access or some other database system, it would be easier to generate salary slips and to maintain the records.

What is the purpose of the CONCATENATE function? When and why would you use this function?

The CONCATENATE function is used to join two or three strings. In the above example of employee payroll, the CONCATENATE function could be used to join the strings last_name, middle_name, and first_name to print the full name of the employee. Another example would the employee’s IDNO. This may be comprised of the branch code, department code and the individual id number. These three values may be alphanumeric. In order to print the employee’s Salary Roll Number on his salary slip, we would need to concatenate these strings.

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