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Essay 2

Yale Law Professor Stephen Carter says “On the opening day of law school, I always counsel my first-year students never to support a law they are not willing to kill to enforce.”
Fewer laws and regulation means fewer interactions with the police. Fewer interactions with the police means fewer opportunities for something to go wrong.
The Seattle City Council is considering changing its prostitution laws to become “sexual exploitation” laws with bigger penalties [“Crime of buying sex may carry new name and bigger penalty,” Local News, Jan. 11]. Such a policy often causes more problems than it solves.
Women should have the right to choose this profession if they like and not have to go underground. For whatever reason, some women choose to use their bodies to make a living much like men use theirs. It is in fact the oldest profession, and should be made safer not criminalized.
Issues of morality should be left to communities, churches and individuals not the government. Are we willing to kill to enforce these new laws?

Michelle Darnell, Kirkland

Prostitution: A woman’s choice or a criminal trap?
In my letter, I will write a response to the Letter to the Editor of “The Seattle Times” from Michelle Darnell from Kirkland, called “Prostitution: A woman’s choice”.
Prostitution as a phenomenon exists since the appearance of human and development of first civilizations. Person, deprived by life always want to have something that he does not have and to be more successful person. There are many options for how to get what they want - murder, robbery, own sincere work (if possible) or or do not have to try to work, toil and earn calluses on your hands? It is not necessary to go on offense and to earn a living by what nature gave you.
I believe that prostitution is a stronghold of the past, something low and unnecessary in modern society. Moreover, I was wondering - why after thousands of years of evolution of society and of human consciousness, this phenomenon is still alive and even develops. Of course, it is easier to make money, not bothering too much, but "fell below the plinth" for the sake of money. However, even moral issues are not major. Most importantly, what is necessary to understand - this is the role of government in the prevention of prostitution and the need for government intervention in the industry. Is prostitution a social problem? Is it purely a manifestation of freedom of choice of a mature woman? Or vice versa - a crime which must be combated? And the very essence of our discussion - whether the introduction of more violent measures to combat sexual exploitation and the provision of such services is justified?
In his response to the article editor Michelle Darnell takes a very categorical position, arguing that the oldest profession should not only be legal, but also strongly supported by the state. For example, government should provide safe environment for women. Also, the reader has expressed the view that the moral side of the issue should be left to the judgment of society, the Church and of each individual, and the aggravation of criminal penalties for sexual services and the exploitation of women's bodies would entail only worsen the situation. He believes that the death penalty is far more immoral crime than prostitution.
I partially agree with this statement. The moral side of the issue should remain untouched state. In addition, murder as the death penalty, in my opinion, is unacceptable punishment for this type of crime. I agree that for a certain percentage of women, this activity really is a conscious choice or a way to earn money in poverty.
Yet in some respects, I do not support the author of the letter. Firstly, it is worth remembering that prostitution is not only female and her often attract minors. In addition, women often fall into sexual slavery in connection with unpaid debts, blackmail, threats, kidnapping. They have no choice and opportunities to get out of this slavery, because very often the pimps keep their power and force them to work under threat of death. Therefore, consider this really can’t be honest earnings.
As for the legalization of prostitution, it is legal in eight European countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Hungary and Latvia). In Sweden, Norway and Iceland from the point of view of the law commits an offense client, not the prostitute. In Spain, the Czech Republic and authorities are tolerant of prostitution. International experience shows that governments that legalize prostitution as "sex-employment" will have a huge economic stake in the sex industry. Gradually this will lead to an increase in their dependence on the sex sector. If prostitutes are considered workers, pimps as businessmen and consumers as clients of sex services, respectively legalizing prostitution as an economic sector, then the government can absolve themselves of responsibility for women's decent and suitable work. Currently, there are a number of existing measures to enable States to protect their citizens to prevent the spread of prostitution as socially acceptable manifestations of anti-human in the XXI century, along with terrorism, fascism, different types of discrimination. I think so, by legalizing prostitution or giving her the opportunity to develop, the state does not assume responsibility for the problems of unemployment and employment of its citizens, allowing them to earn a living in any possible way.
Another problem of prostitution, which I want to mention, is the spread of various diseases. Not always, their activities are safe for the customer; very often, it is the woman of easy virtue becomes a peddler and other sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis). Prostitution is dangerous for women. They usually do that job for long, about 5 years, after which a prostitute is losing sex appeal and is no longer interesting for customers. However, during this time, they often lose the ability to normal marriage and motherhood; under the influence of communication with customers their psyche changes. High emotional stress lead to widespread among prostitutes alcoholism and drug addiction.
In conclusion, I can say that all the above factors incline me to believe that prostitution is a serious social problem. It can be considered as a legitimate choice of women, if it poses no threat to other members of society. Nevertheless, as is often the prostitute - is part of a vast criminal industry, it is only a pawn in a business where a woman's body is the main source of income. Moreover, the greatest benefit is given to those who run this industry. That is why it has to be destroyed as soon as possible by the introduction of more stringent penalties for pimps, prostitutes and their clients.

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