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The American culture is diverse comprising of different cultural traditions. This diversity is as a result of large influx of immigrants from different regions around the globe. Although the American culture is mainly western, there are distinct culture of African America, Hispanic culture, Asian culture and majority European culture (Campbell et al., 2013). Over, the years these cultures have manage to fuse. This fusion has enable culture exchange and adopt of new culture. However, the African American and Hispanic (Latino) have remained relatively the same even in the contemporary America.
One of the main values that is vividly observable and exhibited in these two cultures is family. The majority of people from these two cultures live in families both nuclear and extend. Wedding ceremonies are highly respected since they symbolized a begging of a new family. Friends and extend family members feel obligated to attend weddings and contribute resources to make the ceremony successful and colorful. Religion is another element which is valued by both cultures. However, the majority of the Hispanic communities are Christians. Over 70% of the Hispanics are Catholics and 20% are Protestants. On the other hand, the majority African American are Protestants churches which are affiliated to old slaves’ churches. Music is also appropriated and value in both cultures (Campbell et al., 2013).
The Philosophy which is associated by most Hispanic individual is positivism. Most Hispanics’ lives are closely link to religion believes. Thus, they put much emphasis and hope on prayers believing despite the negative circumstance all will be well by prayers. The African Americans have been experiencing discrimination and poverty since the slavery era. Thus, the philosophies which drive most individuals from this community are unity and self determination (Mala, 2012). The African Americans are being raised believing nothing comes easy in life hence they have to struggle to get what they desire in life. Additionally, unity from families to the larger community is highly encouraged.

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