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Ethical dilemma involves three conditions, the first condition is that the person in that condition for example let’s refers to him or her as Agent must make a decision about which cause of action is to be taken. The second is that an ethical dilemma must have a variety of choices to be made or to be chosen from. The third and the final is that in ethical dilemmas no matter what kind of action is taken to solve situation, it compromises the ethical principle. This is to say no matter what kind of action is taken, there will never be a perfect action (Allen, Karen, pg. 4-5).
For a person to understand what ethical dilemma are, it is very important for that person to understand the difference between values, morals, ethics, law and policies. Ethics are statements used by a group of professionals to determine the right action to be taken for a given situation. Ethics generally depends on rational and logical criteria to make a decision. However values on the other hand describe conditions or ideas that we love. To value something is to hold something close to your heart and feel that it has worth to us, there is always a feeling associated with values, mainly values are things that we desire to achieve, like social justice and equality. Morals provide a description of an individual code of conduct. They are mainly used to support, strengthen and negotiate our relationship with others. The last and the final one is law and laws and policies. They are mainly involved in cases that are complex, and social workers are always mandated to take the best action. The code of ethics gives a legal obligation for social workers to discuss a confidential information but requires that the confidential information to be protected to the latter as required by law (Bernard, pg 7).
Abortion is the forceful act of removing of an embryo or fetus from the womb before it is in a position to survive by its self. This act is mainly not supported by all the religion leaders in the world. Abortion has many disadvantages in the human life both physically and psychologically (Andrews, pg 521). Physically when abortion is not carried out properly, it may lead to the death of the mother of the child. This death is majorly brought about by the internal bleeding the mother experiences after the act of abortion. Apart from the death, abortion can lead to loss of the mother’s womb. This is to mean that, the mother may not be in a position to deliver again and this will at the long run affect her marriage life. Psychologically the effect of abortion is mainly felt after the act of abortion; this may include the talks from your friends on the abortion issue, the feeling of having sinned as per the religion few. The lady who has committed an abortion don’t feel free working with other ladies who know her story she also has higher chances of aborting again as compared to the one who has never done any abortion (STEIER et al. pg 391). However when such a lady goes to a church and the priest starts to preach about abortion she always feels guilty of the abortion act. This may affect her psychologically if not handled properly.
Some of the condition that may lead to an abortion include, rape incidence, unwanted pregnancy, when the fetus endangers the life of a child. Abortion due to rape is to mean that the woman was forced to having sex without her approval. Though the religion is against the abortion even it of due to rape, some countries that abortion is illegal like Kenya may permit the abortion of such incident but in very equipped hospitals with the professional doctors. This abortion may still have some psychological effect on the victim and guidance and counseling should be recommended for such a victim. In most of the working ladies, the type and the working condition might force them to have an abortion. Some companies do not offer the women the maternity leave out. With the ladies not ready to lose their jobs, they opt for abortion so as to continue delivering in the work place as expected by their employer. Abortion may also be carried out when the fetus endangers the life of the mother. This may be as a result of the dead fetus in the womb, the child position in a position that may lead to the death of the mother. Situation like this are legally allowed by all the countries that have illegalized abortion. According to World Health Organization women should be well informed of the dangers of abortion to reduce the increasing death rates experienced in the world of today as a result of abortion.


However most of the countries in the world and the religion leaders do not support abortion. They need to understand that some situations call for the need of abortion. Situations like pregnancy due to rape case should be considered by both this countries and the religion leaders. The leaders should understand that it is very important to look for a way to help the little girl or the woman to try and forget about the animal like act she went through. The first way to do that is by aborting the pregnancy obtained as a result of that act. This will help relieve some load she has been caring. Though a child is a creation that needs top loved by the parents, there are very little chances for a child obtained through rape case can be loved by the mother. This is because the child will be reminding her of the horrible act she went through. At the same time abortion has a lot of disadvantages to the health of the parent if not done properly. Some of the effects are long term and will cause a lot of torture to the mother both physically and psychologically. This is why it is very important for both the religion and the leaders to support abortion of fetus that endanger the life of the mother, abortion of pregnancy accrued as a result of rape so that the victims could have a safe abortion without fear of being arrested or going against the religion. Various policies should also be introduced in the working places like the industries and business centers to protect the women. The stakeholders of these firms should be made to understand the need for maternity leave for the women. This will reduce the rate of abortion experienced in the working ladies. Through this death cases due to abortion will reduce and the fear for women losing their jobs will reduce to.

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