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Front Matter

The book summarizes discussion made during John 3:16 Conference back in the 2008 (Allen and Lemke pg 1). It comprises of a series of theological assessments, which serve as a response to Calvinism’s five points. It indulges the reader on how many Baptists lack to follow the doctrines of Calvinism during their limited atonement and elections. The book offers a better biblical perspective of God’s work through salvation. The book has eleven chapters; each describing individual arguments towards ‘Whosoever will’ statement and the verse John 3:16. The Baptists come up with various points that show how they follow Calvinism and stick to its rules and regulations

About Author

The book brings into light the Arminian. The Calvinists have a feud with the Arminian; throughout the book, the various authors and their presented essays reflect on the hate against Arminian. The Baptists try to come up with discussions and proofs that set them apart with the Arminian even though people think of them differently. The book looks at Calvinism’s five points in detail; depravity, election, atonement, grace, and saints.


The book has had quite a lot of critiques; most of them negative due to the author’s arguments within the book. The Baptists take on Calvinism makes them more of Arminian though they claim they are not (Olson par 1). The book flows with classical Arminian, and some of the authors do not know when they are placing themselves in the traps when arguing about not being Arminian. Their review against the Calvinist shows a spec of them being Arminian. One of the proofs that some of the authors are Arminian is their views on unconditional election, irresistible grace, and limited atonement. People who go to the three points are Arminian with an assumption of being Protestants and not Catholics (Olson par 5).
The point of views presented in the arguments brings out a non-conclusive statement in the end. Throughout the book, the authors try to justify themselves as right yet to other people they are not. It is a common mistake to human beings since no one wants to be wrong. However, accepting the wrongs one does help in learning, and it is not wrong to fail. The Baptists in the book try to argue out several points by twisting words and making them fit their definitions. A wrong move, especially in arguing with God’s word, may be futile since there are other scholars that know it.
Another thing that stands out is the different language the writers use to express their views. The book sees saws between simple and complex writing styles (Olson par 10). Others have a complex way of expressing its views leaving readers blank and pointless. A recommendation to the Baptists is to come up with one author who will combine all the ideas presented and compile them into one book. Dedicating the job to one person ensures the author has a flow of ideas, points, discussions, and language. With these in mind, the authors can republish the book and produce a simpler version of the book. Many points fall off because most readers cannot comprehend the various chapters


The book centers on Calvinism. It is no different from an argumentative book whose authors center their points on a single person or community. The book does not give an in-depth critical viable to people’s satisfactory as it contents are shallow. Though the book is a good read, the negativity in it prompts users to deviate their minds to the authors and not the Calvinist movement. In conclusion, the book suits people concerned with elections and limited atonement’s views. These are the only in-depth discussions, which make viable arguments, in the book.

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