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The world has experience tremendous advancement and growth in various areas such as technology, economy, health and social dynamics. These advancements have made the human beings efficient in making their life easier and having a considerable control the treats to human life. Thus, the world population has been on increasing trend. This increased population is putting pressure on the available resources causing their depletion. Hence, sustainable measures are essential. (Institute for Population Studies, 2014)

Improvements in health and accessibility to health care services; the world has experience improvement in the health care services in the recent past. Diseases, virus or plagues (e.g. measles, typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, small pox) which in the past used to wipe a huge population in terms hundreds of thousands, are now manageable. The vaccines and other drugs have increased the human immunity against these deadly diseases which in the past were a big threat to human life. Additionally, the advancement in technology in the health care has been a great relief to women. Women in recent past have been delivering successful and the health care of the infant has seen improvement. Hence, the infant mortality rate has been on a decreasing trend and the life expectancy has been on the rise due to the quality improvement in healthcare on the adult patients and infants. (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, 2015).
The improvement in technology in terms of machines and surveillance has made it possible for the world to realize growth and development. The technology has made it possible for humans to exploit minerals, water, oil and other precious stones/soil under the earth surface. These materials from under the earth surface are used to as raw materials in industries to manufactures goods or services which are essential to humans at same time provide employment. Additionally, the technology has enabled the growth and increase in production in agricultural activities. This makes sure the population has Constance supply of food. The employment opportunity and constant supply of food has improved the welfare and standard of living. This has seen some parents opting to have a bigger family since they can manage to provide the essential needs of the family (Rosamund, 2013). Furthermore, the surveillance technology has enabled humans to predict the occurrence of disasters such as earthquake, floods, typhoons, hurricane or volcano eruptions before they strikes. This has helped the humans to take precautions measures to protect their lives and property before the disaster happens. These measures help to save many lives.


The increasing population is putting pressure on the available resources as result the resources are becoming scarce and extinction due to overuse. This is witness by the reduction of fertility of soil. In many areas around the globe the soil cannot support agriculture unless artificial fertilizer is used. Additionally, many oil tunnels are drying up since they have been exhausted. There is increase pollution of the air due to emission of carbon from motorist and industries (Svirejeva-Hopkins et al., 2013). The air pollution causes a number of respiratory diseases and cancer on human beings. Moreover, the air emissions cause global warming and acid rain which have huge environmental effects on earth such rise in temperature and corrosion (Seinfeld et al., 2012). On the other hand, the forests have been destroyed to provide fuel, building materials or cleared to provide space for farming or settlement.


Governments and other concern bodies should pass policies which limit the number of children per family as the case with China government which has put in place laws to regulate the number of children per family. Although this violate the human rights on freedom association and ownership, these laws are necessary to control population. Furthermore, initiatives should be taken to encourage the use of clean and renewable energy such as hydroelectricity, solar and wind energy (Li, 2014). Policies should be enacted by various governments to encourage or force industries to reduce emission of carbon and other waste in to the air. These emissions should be treated before they are released into the air (Svirejeva-Hopkins et al., 2013).


The advancement in technology, economy, health and social dynamics are very essential to human beings. Since they make humans have control over the problems they are facing on a daily life. However, sustainability measures to control the usage of resources and management the population growth should be put in place.


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