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Components of an Information system

Components of an information system include all the elements that help in data processing. Before data can be processed, its first collected and stored. Processed data is called information (Kirikova, 2002). Information is disseminated to various users for various purposes. The four components of an information system are hardware and software, databases, human resources and telecommunications.

Hardware and Software

Information system hardware is the computer machine itself. A computer has input components, output components, storage components and processing components. Computer software refers to application and operating systems of a computer system. An application system helps the user to achieve certain tasks while an operating system enables the computer hardware and programs to function at an optimal level. The software component governs the hardware component. (Velde & Degoulet, 2003)


This is a data warehouse where data records are kept. A database is part of an information system that supports the human resource unit of an enterprise. It helps in retrieving records of employees, processing salaries and wages, provide logistical information on products and services, procurement of goods as well as the supply chain management.

Human Resources

The entire information system from data entry to data analysis and information output requires qualified personnel in order to achieve quality results (Kirikova, 2002). Moreover, this being an information age, all employees are required to familiarise themselves with an organization’s information system as it affects them one way or another. The human resource component of an information system can be categorised in two; technical and non-technical human resource. Technical human resource includes system managers, software programmers and information technology specialists who operate and manage the entire information system. Non-technical human resource includes the users of the systems information. They are top level management who use the information for decision making, shareholders, employees and external information users such as the government and the general public.


Once information is processed, it has to be transmitted to various information systems where it can be retrieved. The telecommunication component involves both the wired and wireless media that carry out the transmission function. Information is transmitted in the form of waves and frequencies (Cano, 2003). Networks have been established that enable information to be shared by different computer systems. They include local area networks, metropolitan area networks, wide area networks and the internet. Local area networks connect computers in an organization, an office or a learning institution. Metropolitan area networks connect computers in a populated area such as a town or municipality. Wide area networks cover various organizations over geographical boundaries. The internet connects computer systems worldwide. Information is shared by millions of people from across the world over the internet.
It is important to consider each of the above components when designing an information system because they are all dependent on one another (Cano, 2003). A hardware component needs a software component to function and computer software must be operated by qualified people. After data is processed, it has to be stored in form of a database. The database can be accessed by authorised personnel within an organisation. Processed data is called information and it can be disseminated to various users through various telecommunication designs.
In conclusion, an information system is made up of four important components. They are; computer hardware and software, database and data procedures, human resources and the telecommunication. These components are all inter connected and must all be present for there to be an information system.


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