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The topic of social networks is the new order of the day and it has taken the world, most especially the youth. It is important to note that the social networks are an important part of many organizational structures. This is because they provide a platform through which productive interactions and communication with different forums is done. They help in sharing ideas and new inventions that help in improving on the organizations’ operations and capacity to acquire useful information to have a competitive advantage over competitors in terms of marketing, recruitment. This makes social net works an asset. The study will dig dip into the world of social networks to come up with the best information about the social networks.
Social networks can be defined as a network of social interactions and personal relationships. Social networking as a result of social networks has become an integral part of our community and several forms of social networks have been established to aid the organizations and the community in their activities and these forms are; social connections mainly for friends, multimedia sharing for videos and photography, professional networks for career growth, informational and educational networks. According to research, at least one of those forms of networks exists in different organizations and these are often used as a platform to accomplish organizational tasks.
The main purpose of this study will be to validate the usefulness of the social networks in connection to organizational structures and operation, how relevant they are how often they are used to promote the organization’s cause and why they are regarded as an important factor in the day today running of organizations. The resulting effects of the networks are also to be examined showing how social networking has been integrated in the running of projects and to get the statistics that show how much it has been successful. The study will also look at the changes it has brought and how it has been maximized and improved to serve humanity better without leaving out it limitations to the society.

Annotated bibliography

Warmbrodt, J., Sheng, H., & Hall. R. H. (2008). Social network analysis of video bloggers’ community. Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1 (1), 1-10.
Warmbrodt, Sheng and Hall in their study of analyzing the social network using video blog show that the videos are among the trending things in social media. The researchers focus on social networks that are created in communities of interest. More particularly, they use vloggers virtual communities to analyze social networks. Arguably, this research article is very thoroughly analyzed to provide vital information needed to understand social networks fully using virtual organizations created by communities of interest. The article argues that analyzing social networks on vlogging communities may prove to be very beneficial to sellers whose strategy is to use the vlogs as an advertising strategy. In addition, vlogging communities as virtual communities are great for breaking organizational and societal barriers since they ignore traditional hierarchical boundaries and simply observe social network for communication and organization.
Ahuja, M. K., & Carley, K. M. (1999). Network Structure in Virtual Organizations. Organization Science, 10(6), 741-757.
Ahuja and Carley provide a perfect analysis of social networks through their writings about virtual organizations that are a larger setting of social networks. The virtual organizations are only possible online. This is demonstrated through their demonstration of the soar group that is an organization engaged in intelligence and architecture. The two researcher’s state that most communication performed in such an organization is mainly informal organization. Such communication takes place on platforms including emails, memos, and conference calls. Through these modes of communication, researchers can analyze the social interaction and use it to demonstrate social networks.
Yim, H. B., Kim, A. R., & Seong, P. H. (2013). Development of a quantitative evaluation method for non-technical skills preparedness of operation teams in nuclear power plants to deal with emergency conditions. Nuclear Engineering & Design, 255212-225.
The study by Yim, Kim and Seong looked at a number of things that are important in proficiency in any field. The study shows that skills are crucial in any field and only the skilled people have the capacity of becoming successful in their field. The researchers prove that the non-technical skills play a major role in the industry. The major concern was on the nuclear power plant. Human reliability is an essential part in any operation because several emergencies need the intervention of human beings.
Cadima, R., Ojeda, J., & Monguet, J. M. (2012). Social Networks and Performance in Distributed Learning Communities. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 15(4), 296-304.
Cadima, Ojeda, and Monguet (2012) thoroughly analyzes social networks from a platform of people seeking information on a particular subject. More particularly, it analyzes social networks from research on learning communities since the authors argue that knowledge sharing also depends on informal connections. Notably, the researchers use two learning communities to analyze the different social structures. The first community was the Multimedia Engineering Ph.D. Programme of Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain and the Basic Education Distance Learning Course of Polytechnic Institution of Leiria, Portugal. The results of the study revealed that in the two distinct learning communities, there were significant correlations between social networks and students’ performance.
Saonee, S., Manju, A., Suprateek, S., & Kirkeby, S. (2011). The Role of Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams: A Social Network Perspective. Journal of Management Information Systems, 28(1), 273-309.
According to Saonee et al. (2011), the new method of communication that embraces the virtual communication needs trust for its wellbeing. Communication and trust are among the fundamental things that ensure that there is a good relationship between the two parties that are communicating. In their study they looked at the literature that could link communication and trust. The virtual team encourages divergent views from the team members; in this case there must be an element of trust among the members. The study was instrumental in looking at the trust levels in the social networks.

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