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Fresno City is situated in Fresno County, California, United States and is also the seat of the county. Geographically, the city of Fresno is in the center of the San Joaquin Valley at coordinates 36° 44' 52" North and 119° 46' 17" West (DATEANDTIME.INFO sec. 1). Economically still, the city forms the major commercial hub and the financial and cultural center of the Central region of California and the entire San Joaquin Valley. The city’s position places it very near the geographical center of California. Topographically speaking, Fresno City is situated at a contented distance from several of the major recreational areas in the state of California. For instance, Fresno City is the nearest urban center to the Yosemite National Park. It is also within the vicinity of the Region’s three major recreational areas namely, the Sierra National Forest, the Sequoia National Park, and the Kings Canyon National Park. Due to its strategic location at the heart of the State of California, the city of Fresno is a major gateway into the Yosemite from Los Angeles through Highway 41 and 99. It is also the main entrance point into the State’s Kings Canyon National Park and the Sierra National Forest via Highways 180 and 168 respectively. Additionally, the City hosts three large public parks. One is located towards the City’s southwest on County land whereas the other two are situated in the city limits. This paper, therefore, attempts to provide an in-depth glimpse of the City of Fresno with regards to its land use system, management, and the general economy.

Geographical Location

According to Fresno County and the “Geography of Fresno”, the County is the sixth largest county in the region and covers an approximated land area of over 6000 square miles at the heart of the State of California about 160 miles (260 km) southeast of San Francisco (Fresno County; "Geography of Fresno" para. 1). Also according to the County’s Planning Department (1975), Fresno County together with the Sacramento Valley situated at its north end, form the Great Central Valley (Environment of Fresno County, Fresno County Planning Dept., 1975 as cited in Fresno County, sec. 1). The Great Central Valley is one of the most peculiar physical localities found within the State of California.
Figure 1.0: Illustrating the position of Fresno County, as retrieved from http://www.co.fresno.ca.us/CountyPage.aspx?id=19947

Economy of Fresno City

Fresno City serves as the major economic and financial hub of Fresno County and the entire California's San Joaquin Valley. According to the latest City’s annual financial report, the unincorporated area and the rural cities adjoining Fresno City remain principally tied to large-scale agricultural production to stimulate the city’s economy (City of Fresno Finance Department, para. 3). Additionally, according to Fresno County, the extensive vineyards surrounding the town of Fresno are the basis of the City’s leading economic activity. Agriculture, therefore, is the backbone of the economy of the Fresno Region. The agricultural sector employs almost 20% of the region's total workforce and providing more than $3.5 billion to the City’s local economy (City-Data.com, sec. 4; City of Fresno Finance Department, para.4). Estimates are that one in every three jobs in the city are related to agriculture. The prominence of the region in agricultural production has seen the city top as one of the United States leading county capital in agricultural output. The 2005 economic data reveal that around 7,000 farmers residing in and around the town of Fresno were growing approximately 250 varieties of crops in the County’s 1 million acreage of productive farmland. The principal crops grown include nectarines, peaches, plums, oranges, tomatoes and grapes ("Geography of Fresno" para. 2).
As a result of its robust agribusiness activities, a number of processing industries have developed around the region’s agricultural activities. Such industries include freezing, canning, drying, and curing plants. The city is also a major shipping, marketing, and processing center for many of its farm products. Furthermore, to meet its agricultural requirements the city has also grown into one of the major manufacturing hubs in the central California region. Most products manufactured here include agricultural chemicals, farm machinery, and other items made mainly from plastic, glass, and wood. To facilitate its transportation needs the city has the central Fresno Air Terminal, east of downtown. Other economic attractions of Fresno includes its city's parks. In Roeding Park, for example, there is the Chaffee Zoological Gardens, which features an extensive tropical rain forest exhibit whereas the Woodward Park forms the site of the Japanese Friendship Garden. In the Kearney Park, there is the century old Kearney Mansion Museum built in the early 1900s. Other notable historical museums in Fresno city include the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, History, and Science, and the Fresno Art Museum. However, the three national parks in the nearby Sierra Nevada are the primary tourist attraction sites in the area. These parks as earlier itemized include the Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Parks ("Geography of Fresno" para. 3).
However, according to City-Data.com, Fresno has continued to diversify its economic outlook towards non-agricultural industries in the recent past (sec. 6). For instance in the early 2000s, two major companies relocated their headquarters to the City of Fresno. These Technology based companies are the Sinclair Systems and Rayovac Corporation.

The following is a summary table of data showing the city of Fresno labor force, 2004 annual averages.

Source of data City-Data.com as retrieved from http://www.city-data.com/us-cities/The-West/Fresno-Economy.html

General land use classification of Fresno

The land use element in Fresno City covers a vast array of land utilization development programs and activities. However, the primary land use initiatives in the city and region include Residential settlement land use, Commercial land use designations, and mixed land use actions. Other land use activities comprise the Open space designations, Public facilities, and Buffer zones. In a nutshell, the residential land uses provide mainly the residential house types ranging from the high-density apartment complexes to a mix of duplexes and houses. On the other hand, commercial land use designations mostly allow service and retail establishments intended to serve both the regional and local needs. However, the mixed-use land classifications are based majorly on the commercial uses but still require the touch of residential components. Of major significance in the recreation and enjoyment of the Fresno, locality is the open space land use designation. The open land use component of the entire region and city of Fresno allows for the establishment of recreational centers and community and national parks. Other designations inform of public facilities, and buffer zones are mainly geared towards public entities and the separation of the various land use designations respectively (Development and Resource Management Department, pg. 57)


Fresno County’s management organ is based in the city of Fresno and is an amended strong-mayor form of local government. It constitutes and headed by a mayor and a legislative branch made up of seven City Council members. The management organ is an elected lot restricted to no more than two 4-year terms. In addition both the mayor and the City Council are nonpartisan individuals and not affiliated with any political party (Fresno County sec. 3). The committee members are Esmeralda Soria (Councilmember District 1), Steve Brandau (Councilmember District 2), Oliver L. Baines III (Councilmember District 3), Paul Caprioglio (Councilmember District 4), Sal Quintero (Councilmember District 5), Lee Brand (Councilmember District 6), and Clint Olivier (Councilmember District 7). The Mayor of the City is Ashley Swearengin (City Council of Fresno).


Personal escapade of Fresno City and environs espouses the reality that the city is one of the marvelous regions in the State of California. The area, in general, provides a network of well-maintained city parks and national parks. The three major parks are chief tourist centers who in turn contribute significantly to the city’s local economy. Additionally, the city has well maintained open spaces and walking and biking trails that connect the city‘s seven districts and neighborhoods. These amenities attract a broad range of individuals besides benefiting the health of the Fresno residents. The area of Fresno and its surroundings is well known for being an agricultural center and provides most of the state of California with nearly all of its agricultural requirements. However, because of its unique centralized location, the city of Fresno is slowly being invaded by technology-based companies.

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