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This is a very typical interview-for-a- job question, “tell me about yourself” doesn’t mean the employer wants the story of your life. It is better to summarize your skills and life experiences, in a simple way just 30 – 45 seconds max, or you will lost the employers consideration quickly. Tell the interviewer something that will make you stand out and show them why you are the best person for that certain job. This is the sample answer: “Hello! Good morning sir, my name is Peter Hurry, a professional of Law enforcement having a degree of Criminal Justice and presently having a Top Secret security clearance. The experiences I have considered knowledge in patrol, rescue and search, also in investigative and criminal procedure. Included in my qualifications are fifteen year in homeland security, capability of outstanding leadership and managing international large security teams. I am also a sharpshooter with active qualification of expert marksman as well. I would like to discuss with you sir how can I bring this skills I’ve got through my experiences in you company as my expertise.

What are Your Two Greatest Weaknesses and Two Greatest Strength?

These are my strength, I have a devotional life, I am hard working, also smart thinking, very ambitious and diligent. My confidence is also my inner strength, I’m so eager to learn new things, very much willing to fulfill the responsibiliti8es as well as the duties assigned to me. I am open to the request that helps me to always enhance and improve my skills, I am very motivated and have positive attitude.
My answer to this question about weakness is very limited, this maybe a weakness for me but for my interviewer this is my strength. So my best answer for this so far is this: “I don’t find myself weak in specific areas, if ever I felt it, I will work very hard to overcome it. Like for a given task there are times that even a simple task becomes complicated but I will be able to manage it for sure.

How Would You Handle A Bad Attitude Team Member?

I surely deal with the situation of bad attitude last time when we are working on the team project for my management class. Things started fine from the start, I pass the assignment to the team members, and I was the one who organized the project. After a few weeks, it became visible that one team member wasn’t participating in his share of assignment. I planned to discuss the case with this team member but I think it is better to have a conversation just between the two of us rather than in front of the whole team to avoid the worst thing to happen. In our meeting he started to open up, he felt bad about putting down the team. Suddenly he opened that he was dedicated to the project, he was just overloaded with home works, projects and works. I kindly asked him if he can take some time to catch up on our projects, he gave me an assurance that He surely will. He was able to catch up before the last submission of the project and performed well for the team and he was a great contribution to our project.

Describe a Time When You Handled a Difficult Situation.

All people have to deal with difficult situation some time. I found out that when there are difficult situation you will need a lot of patience and self-control by putting yourself in other person’s shoes and give your best in understanding and taking their perspective in life. It is necessary to ask some question and listen most probably to their point of view. If you find out their meaning or interpretation in the situation of difficulty, there and then it will be easier to work on the solution.

Tell Me About a Time Where You Used Persuasive Communication To Achieve a Goal.

During my summer Internship I was making a study of benchmarking for all expenditure in communication for major commodity. I am talking to all employees and getting their collective opinions in every department of that company. Most employees hated me for the fact that I was just an intern, they refuse to cooperate. I had to talk to them individually in that meeting room and persuade them that what I am doing is very important for every department of that company. After a month filled with insecurity and discouragement, I finally got the cooperation of everyone, my project went smoothly and I got a bonus for my effort in the end.

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