Example Of The Ethical Dilemmas Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Published: 2020/10/22


In a diverse and individualized world it stands to reason that people, groups and organizations will not always see eye-to-eye on many issues that face society today. From immigration and healthcare to stem-cell research and genetically modified foods, there are many issues that raise many ethical “red flags,” which, of course, can create conflict, debate and perpetual “stand-offs” where no compromise can be reached. Same Sex Marriage is one of those issues that spawn heated ethical, moral and social arguments. Those that support gay marriage are fighting for the equal rights of same sex couples to be legitimately and legally married to their partners and reap the same legal, social, and economic aspects of that union that is offered to heterosexual couples. However there are many Americans who feel that homosexuality as a whole is wrong or a sin and therefore allowing them to marry is out of the question. For many years homosexuals have been fighting for the legal right to marry, finally, many states began to pass laws that allow LGBT couples to marry. However, making something legal does mean that everyone is going to honor that new law. Many businesses in the wedding planning and other wedding oriented businesses have and continue to refuse their services to homosexual couples for moral, religious or ethical reasons (Koppel & Jones). The problem arises because these couples have certain rights, as do the businesses, so how is a fair and just solution reached Regardless of which side of the argument that one may fall, it is necessary to fairly review the evidence and determine the greatest ethical issues in order to address them properly.


Every American has the right to freely practice their religions and no laws can ever be put into place that asks anyone to betray those beliefs. People have a Constitutional right to freedom of expression of that religion. So in the case of same sex marriage the government cannot force a business or an individual to perform or participate in any part of the same sex ceremony, whether it is flower arrangement or cake baking. However, while that may seem pretty cut and dry; the issues are much more complex. Many states have antidiscrimination laws that forbid people from refusing services based on personal beliefs based solely on their own personal opinions. For example, many states perceive the refusal of business to serve same sex couples is no different than refusing the same services to someone because of their race or variant religious organizations (Koppel & Jones). Hence the complexity of this issue.
There is also an issue concerning a different principle of the American government; the separation between church and state. That said there is a need in a diverse world to separate one’s personal views from their professional lives; that is the basics of ethical business practices. This is how a diverse society is able to interact despite their differences. Now do they have the right to refuse holding a same sex marriage at their own home? The answer is absolutely. However, they cannot extend that refusal into their professional world. By allowing a cake baker or a florist to refuse to allow a gay couple to order and arrange their flowers; is it any different than a fast-food restaurant staff refusing to serve French fries to a severely overweight person, because they are uncomfortable with it. Looking at it through that perspective is what keeps this issue such an extreme and “hot topic” issue. Many feel that, while the refusing businesses may be perceived an unethical, it is simply as easier solution to find other businesses that are happy to serve anyone including a same sex couple (Koppel & Jones). This is true. However, by allowing an individual business to discriminate anyone on any basis is only setting up the ground-work and stacking the deck for future businesses to refuse anyone for any number of reason, many of which, may be equally as ethically disconcerting.


In the end the United States citizens are incredibly diverse and making that diversity work has always been an issue of finding an ethical compromise that allows “all sides” to feel like their views are respected and heard. In the case of same sex marriage that has not happened yet. Same sex couples may have finally achieved their goal of legal marriage in many states; it does not eliminate the individual discrimination they may receive in the court of public opinion. As it stands, cases like those mentioned, are continuing to happen all across the country. The fact that weddings do often fall under the umbrella of religion separating it in a courtroom is not easy, at the same time, denying anyone the right to be served at a business is based on discriminatory beliefs is entirely unethical as well. This article does not aid in solving the ethical conundrum but it does share just how common issues like this are arising. In the future we can only hope that a fair and unbiased answer can be reached once and for all.


Koppel, J. & Jones, A. Firms Balk at Gay Weddings. 1.

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