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Article review #1

Everybody who knows the history, heard a lot of times about the industrial revolution. I cannot even imagine that times when it happened, but I know a lot about it. It has to be the turning point for the people who were working on some factories and got unemplyed because of the new implemantations, because of improvement of technical equipment and automatization of working process.
I like the idea of Dividing the Labour, I tihink it helped to make the production to be faster. It was really helpful, everybody had the are of responsibility and people started to learn how to work as a Team. Maybe I am too positive, but I belive that Team-building started from Dividing the Labour.
This article tells about craft and industrial revolution in Great Britain. It happened with the whole world, but every country has its own peculiarities of it.
The Industrial Revolution was a turning point for many countries. Many people became unemployed, people gradually were replaced by machines. Those were hard times, times of depreciation of human labor and numerous depressions.
This phenomenon can be considered from two sides. For business owners it was important, it was very profitable. Gradually replacing people with machines, they received more goods that could be sold. As a result, profit grew and expenses were decreased. Appliances do not feel tired and so it was a lot cheaper.
On the hand for the usual worker it was a terrible time. It was difficult to find a job, the level of unemployed became higher, more and more families were in poverty and trying to find any way to survive.

Article review #2

Building materials
This article talks about the people of art. About the people who can make a masterpiece out of nothing. If creator is really talented, he can make a miracle of any material, and let it be stone, not gold, this work will surprise the whole world. It depends on person, not on the material.
The article tells us about the time when the materials were becoming more expensive and when workers begin to falsify the quality of their work. Everyone was trying to imitate the quality, instead of doing it. The author asks people to proud of what they do and do it with love. Do small things with great love and it will change the world.
But I know that it can be some kind of fashon. Sometimes people like to make one material look like another just because it is extraordinary, it is made some other way, it differs from everything else. As for me, I like quality. I think, that sometimes it is better to pay more for more expensive material, but to get the real quality, the expensive thing will work for you for much longer time than cheap one. And it really helps to save the money, it is economy. But nowadays, people prefer to buy more cheaper things . It depends on a lot fo reasons. Sometimes they do not care about quality, sometimes, they do not have enough money for high quality products or materials. It depends on person. But in my opinion, better to pay more once, than less few times.

Article review #3

This article describes the features of decorations and decorating crockery of certain countries in the period of revolution and radical changes in these countries.
We can see that in ceramics of Scandinavian countries, soothing colors are dominated, mostly blue color, smooth lines, clear pictures. The author tells us that in the Scandinavian service only white and blue colors are present to avoid expensive painting on the service. Tableware decorated simply and tastefully.
Separate large part of the article is given to such unusual Russian decoration of dishes. At that time there was a lot of revolution, and as I understand it, there was a cult of leader. Lenin portrayed everywhere - on posters, books, and even on the dishes. His words repeated on the radio, television, his words were imprinted on subjects of crockery. Russian culture differs very much from our and it's hard to understand it. But I am sure that the people of this culture, finding it historically important and fascinating.
Many Russian artists are world-renowned. For example, the artist-supremacist, Kazimir Malevich. He is the author of many legendary works. The article presents his work, Suprematist teapot. I believe that it was an unusually talented and extraordinary person. He proved to mankind that we can think and out of the boundaries of the universal adoption that we can give free rein to our imagination. And he was right. A lot of people nowadays afraid to show their imagination, because “ world will not accept it”. We cannot be sure in something, we are all different and, in my opinion, everybody can find something on his/her taste. Art is changing with every ay, and modern art is so unusual, it differs a lot from classic art. Think, that artist of like Mikelandgelo, would not understand such artist as Kazimir Malevich or modern nowadays artists. We are the kids of this time, and we can see the world of art changing. What can be more exiting than it?

It was an interesting article and I was enjoying to read it, to learn something about other cultures.

Article review #4
Anni Albers
In this article, the author talks about how to create a fabric. As it turns out this is a very tedious and hard work. Everything must be done correctly in order to end up with a high-quality cloth.
But I think that these detailes could have been avoided and just author could just describe the process in general terms. I think it spoiled the article a bit. To tell the truth, I was bored to read that part, which describes the entire process.
But I want to say that this is possible it will be interesting for fans of this work. Maybe someone has such a hobby, maybe just someone likes to read about fabric and processes of its creation. I would be interested to read about the special composition of fabrics for wrapping the mummies, which was mentioned in the article.
But from the point of view of the general reader, you can find favor in this article. The author introduces us to the different types of fabrics and especially their creation. as it turned out, different tissues are different not only from the material but also on various schemes. It was interesting even for me.
While I was read the article, I wanted to see with my own eyes the process of creation of fabric. I wanted to see how fabrics were created by hand, many years ago. I would like to learn more about how it was invented. It's very exciting, someone figured out how to create a fabric and thanks to this man (or woman), we have clothes. This was one of the greatest inventions of humanity, but we never know the name of the person who first came up with this. Perhaps it was invention of some group of people, or maybe not.

Article review #5

I like this article from the very beginning. The author talks about the duality of matter, the difference between material and spiritual. This topic has always been interesting to me, and I was impressed by reading this article. I have to say that hard things were written by simple words and I have to admit that author is really talented person/
Of course, the article tells about the art, and, so to speak, of its duality. The author does not cease to repeat that without matter, art would not exist. We can consider art as something tangible or intangible. The art can be dual at one and the same time. For example the song is not material, but it is an example of art. You can feel the music, you can hear it, but you cannot see it.
Of course, this article suggests the different reflections. After all, in fact, everything can be called binary. If, for example, light can be a wave and is also a matter at the same time, tangible and intangible can be found everywhere, if you start to think more about each thing and recognize all details.
A variety of forms, the material and spiritual, the difference between these two concepts, a lot about of it started to be discussed starting from Aristotle. After him there were many philosophers, statesmen who have mentioned this phenomenon, and pondered to write scientific works.
Of course, it is very interesting. And for me is an amazing fact that art always accompanied by philosophy. It seems that these two concepts are inseparable and very close. It seems that one cannot exist without another.
And I believe that art is one of the type of philosophy. Every person can select some type of this philosophy for him/herself. And as for art and philosophy there are some people who can understand it and somebody who thinks that it has no sense. It is individual for everybody. And it is amazing that all people can find some type speacial and understandable for himself.

Article review #6

Making something from nothing
It was quite a sarcastic article, in my opinion.
In fact, it become fashionable a lot of time ago. More books and articles can be found on this topic. And it does not mean that housewives have nothing else to do but produce "false art". Of course, there are not so many people who boasts successful works. But it's the same thing that few can boast the perfect singing or painting.
I believe that this is very useful to be engaged with their children. So you can teach them to save things, to teach them to think creatively and do something by your own hands. Sometimes you can make interesting toys with your child. It would be funny lesson and good time together with a child.

In the end, it does not harm anyone, it helps to brighten everyday life, develops creative thinking.

I do not understand the point of view of the author, who was too sarcastic and critical of this topic.
Modern girls and women used to buy everything new, and not to repair the broken old stuff. Previously, on the contrary, all broken stuff were repaired and only in critical cases new one was buying This is the depreciation of money, human labor. Modern girls, in the majority, do not know how to knit, sew and do not like to be engaged in hand-made. So, they cannot teach their children how to do it. This means that we are bringing up a society of consumers.

As for me, I prefer to repair the old and invent new usage for old things.

Article review #7
Clay and Glazes for the Potter
It is quite extraordinary and interesting article. It tells us about the potters of different countries and how they were looking for a suitable material for their creations. As it turned out, for this purpose was used not only fired clay, but the earth, stone blocks and much more. People who are truly in love with the business they are doing, will always find new materials or new uses for old available materials.
The article tells about the fact that some potters were so keen on the idea to draw attention to the clay that they started to decorated all subjects which were met on the way with clay, for example personal things, bicycles and so on. Some of them decided to provide their own body as a material coated with clay and created paintings on their bodies, they were lying somewhere on the beach all covered with clay and, I would like to see it, I think it was much fun.
Many years in a row potters were searching for the perfect material for ceramics. But I believe, that there is no more suitable material than clay. We know a lot about its quality, we know how to work with this material, we can use it fired or not. Secrets of skill passed down from generation to generation, and today we have achieved a lot in this instance skill. We can boast of having conquered the clay itself, we rule over it, we give it a shape, we live in harmony with it.
I cannot stop to be surprised and delighted by people who first invented pottery, who understood how to use clay, who began to fire it for greater strength. I regret that all modern humans take it as a usual thing, only a few are trying to find something new, give the world an invention or discovery.

Article review #8

Functionalism today
It was quite a philosophical article about functionalism nowadays. I think it was existing for a long time, but did not have its definition.
I found here some facts with which I can agree, and something that I can not accept as truth, and as a tribute, and some information that was not quite clear for me.
Since the beginning looks as though the author makes fun of talented people and their cravings for non-standard for other clothes, love to do everything with their hands, feel the work.
But still the author says about the art. The author of this article speaks about architects who are used to create something that people can use after the process of creation. So readers can decide that author thinks their work is useful for humankind. They give us the houses and other buildings that can be a house, a concert hall, a museum or other buildings. There are a lot of amazing, not usual, breathtaking building and they are also can be considered as masterpieces.
At the same time author mentions about art, so to speak "without a purpose." It is also called the Arts for the Arts. What is striking is the work of such creativity can cost many times more for the work, which can carry the benefit, the purpose of which is clear to all. But tastes are differ.
I think the author would like to emphasize that it is important to remember that things have to serve their owners, things should have its meaning , bring some favor, they all must have some function, they have to be useful and easy to use.
This article is creation as well, but it is hard to say it is a masterpiece or that it brings something important to people’s lives. And for me it was difficult to read, but I know that people who are fond of philosophy will find it to be informative and interesting.

Article review #9

Let the artisans craft our future
It was a short article, which was considered to be very easy to read. The author talks about the phenomenon of creating new things from old stuff. He says that we should allow our talented people to create The Future. And I have to say, I do not mind.
In some countries every year becomes more popular to use the services of workshops of making cloth. It turns out a little cheaper than buying behold, e-quality expensive clothes. Although sometimes hand-made works are quite expensive. It takes a lot of time and efforts, and this work is unique, exclusive. So the price will be high. But we can not say that only the rich can afford such things.
I believe that future can be very bright and delightful, if it is built by artisans. People who know how to work, how to use their knowledge and how to work by their hands, can make everything and will be appreciated through all the ages.

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