Free Book Review On Sheikh Muzaffer Wrote A Very Good Parable About This War Inside Every Person:

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Our world is so versatile, it is full of different nationalities, ethnic groups, religions, cultures. Every nation, country, climate zone is not like one another - this is the value of each of them. But here lies the problem - we don’t always interpret other cultures and traditions correctly, don’t always understand foreigners, or even may have communication breakdown with neighbors. This may sometimes generate tension, aggression, hatred. People would rather humiliate others, fight with each other, praise themselves, instead of uniting. Indeed, are people born with the desire to satisfy the ego, only get and give nothing in return, destroy rather than create? Of course, it is not so, at least I don’t want to believe this! I am convinced that man is born pure, bright as a tabula rasa, otherwise there wouldn’t be in the world so many good deeds, much unselfishness and kindness, which are opposed to the evil.
I believe that man is born sinless and pure and throughout life he/she makes both good and bad deeds, for every of which he receives a positive or negative score. What is important - people should be responsible for all their actions. I'm not saying that man is expected to live without sin, like an angel, but even if one managed to be better today than yesterday - this is a step to cleansing. If yesterday you got angry and swore, offended neighbors, try to be less angry today. Even in this way one will get better in his own eyes and in the eyes of God.
The further person makes his own way, the more he gets affected by society, which leaves it’s marks on the tabula rasa. Stroke by stroke and the clean board becomes dirty, covered with writing. Person is faced with difficulties, setbacks what eventually hardens him, he becomes indifferent, loses faith and love. Ultimately, nothing is left from the former purity and innocence. As a result, world is rife in cruelty, selfishness, ignorance. Also, the material world has a strong power over the person and affects him not entirely beneficial. It has become vivid especially in the 20th-21st century, when the world moved to "the era of consumption", where people are only interested in monetary enrichment, possession of material goods, such as expensive gadgets, clothes, cars. But the spiritual part of life recedes into the background.
So, where is the midst of all these contradictions, good and evil motives is hiding the true self of the man? Who are real we? Even as a child we pull on masks, we create one or more templates under which we live, we put on a "camouflage" and wear it all life long. Family, schools, friends, coworkers, and just ordinary people, who often are complete strangers to us, make us wear these masks. In this case, we start to believe that is what we are real. Gradually, day by day we form ourselves, adjust to the society in which we live. And the saddest thing is that we move away from ourselves farther and farther away, we forget what we are, who we are, we lose ourselves, sometimes forever. And this invisible "camouflage" intertwines with us real and simply grows in us.
If someday we are awake, our real Self will never leave, no matter how we try to justify ourselves or make this Self mute. It is the duty of everyone who has ever allowed himself to touch the essence, not to betray himself. It is the duty of each such person - to continue this self-knowledge and be true to your real Self , tear off all the masks, tear off this "camouflage", which give no air to the soul and kill it. It is the duty of each such person - to ask himself the most important question: Why am I here? We are responsible for everything that happens to us, it is only necessary to understand this. I'm convinced that people live in this world for self-knowledge and knowledge of God and to improve themselves.
Multivariate human body is similar in structure to the multidimensional structure of the Absolute, because God created man in His own image and likeness. Each person can reveal a more subtle "forms of life" in himself. This is done through a process of self-discovery and self-improvement. Thus, only through understanding of his true nature man can achieve direct perception of God and find unity with Him. This is very succinctly expresses in one of the Hadith’s sunnah: "Who learns himself - the one learns God."
My philosophy and vision of what is happening has much in common with the philosophy of the Sufis - the old mystical branch of Islam, which combines all the best from every religion in the world. Sufi treats all religions with respect. This religion is a religion of humanity; its only goal is to realize the truth. If a person feels (or trying to feel) the presence of God in all things, understands the integrity of all things, consciously or unconsciously working on the spirit each moment, without taking his eyes from the truth, despite the illusion raging all around that distract his mind from the absolute truth, then such a person can be called Sufi. It does not matter what the name of the sect, cult, or faith, to which the person belongs - as long as the soul of the man aspires to the Absolute, God, the Truth - the Sufi would call such a person a Sufi.
Sufism is a way of purifying the soul from the abominable qualities and inculcation of praiseworthy qualities to the spirit. The aim of Sufism is to upbring "the perfect man", who is free from the madding crowd and managed to rise above the negative qualities of his nature. Sufism encourages his followers from day to day, discloses people’s underlying quality of their souls and plays a major role in the development of aesthetics, ethics, literature and art.
I am convinced that Sufism can become a movement that will stop the war and hatred on the Earth. The difficulty lies only in the fact that few people realize that they are Sufis in their souls, who seek the Truth. Every soul is committed to the implementation of the divine ideal, and after it is realized then the person gets peace in his soul. If there is peace in man’s soul, it will also strive to create a peaceful society around him and a peaceful Planet.
Perhaps Sufi lives in you, but you are afraid to accept it and understand it. You will probably ask how is this possible? Here you have a Sufi parable, which tells of a lion cub who strayed from his pack and stuck to the sheep herd. After a while he forgot who he was, and began to bleat like sheep around him. Once an adult lion passed by. Noticing already grown lion cub, he welcomed his with a terrible roar. Lion cub frightened at first, and in response he did nothing but bleated. However, thanks to this meeting, he remembered that he is a lion as well. And, in the end, he responded with the same menacing growl.
Sufism reminds man of his true nature. During the first meeting with the teacher (Sufism knowledge medium) seeker often feels an inexplicable and uncontrollable fear. In fact, he fears himself : ego recoils from genuine, "lion" of human nature.
There is still the most important state of mind that we need to stimulate and cultivate constantly - a state of boundless love for everything, because love is the basis of our life and is the heart of Sufism. Sufis sometimes even talk about their teachings as "Anthem of God’s Love" and call it "love-vision." Love is considered in Sufism as the force that leads to a permanent strengthening feelings of being a part of the God. This process leads to the realization that there is nothing but God, who is at the same time a loving, and loved ones. Sufis say so about God: "God is a loving and beloved."
If everyone fills himself with love, they will become cleaner, kinder, more sincere. There more comfortable a person feels with himself, the less he will conflict with other people, accordingly, I hope, at least one war will be less. After all, only the man himself can both organize war and stop it. I would like the war stop at least in people’s souls.

Bahlul, a wise man, met once Harun al-Rashid.
- Where are you going from, Bahlul? - Asked the ruler.
- From Hell - immediately answered a wise man.
- And what were you doing there?

Bahlul explained:

- A fire was needed, well, so I decided to ask if they can share the fire with me. But their leader said:
- We're not keeping the fire.

Of course, I asked:

- How so?

He replied:

- I'm telling you, there is no fire here, each comes with his own.
In words everything looks clear and simple, they say - do good, love everyone and everything and renounce evil. But should one start acting, things spot being simple, just because you have to renounce the old, traditional way of life, sometimes to renounce even friends who unwholesome influence the soul, destroy it and pull you down; sometimes you need to stay in absolute solitude to listen to you true Self, hear yourself. Sufis say about this situation as follows: "Die before you die." Yes, to die in a figurative sense, to be born again spiritually. You need to have tremendous self-organization, fortitude, self-control and be faithful to God, to purify from earthly vices. But it MUST be done, because otherwise what is the use of external cleanliness, if you are dirty inside?

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