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The society expects us all to behave in a particular manner. There are different ways in which the male child should carry himself and the same applies to people of the female gender. However, some individuals in the teen age behave in other ways that may not be generally accepted in the society. Their deviant acts and behaviors result to questioning and sometimes isolation by other members of the society. One such example of a deviant act is the scenario where a man applies nail polish on all his finger and toe nails. Normally, this behavior is associated with women. When a man is found having done his nails and painted them with nail polish, the act is classified as deviant and people associate this behavior with weak men or gay men. This is an act of deviant as it is against the norm in the society. This kind of a deviant may be associated and accelerated by numerous factors. They include the upbringing of the deviant, peer influence and the society in general.
The feeling of deviance is a mixed feeling. As a deviant and having acted against the norms in the society, I felt like am living my own life. The feeling of having to make my own decision of what and how to wear is a great feeling. Moreover, in my age, being deviant is cool. I felt like a hero and I imagine people feared me. The feeling after my deviant period is that of fear and naivety. One feels stupid and naïve after all this is done and it’s a period where the individual questions the very acts he or she thought were cool. In addition, there is a feeling of remorsefulness. I felt sad that I had to act against the expectations of my parents, my elders and more importantly the norms of the society at large. Initially, I thought this would be a good thing for me but I later discovered how wrong I was to do it.
Different people react differently to deviance. My parents were angry and disappointed at my deviance decision to polish my finger nails and toes. Having been raised to uphold societal values, it came as a disappointment to my parents that I chose to polish my nails. My parents expected that I would obey. On the other hand, my peer group was delighted. All the members of my peer group had their nails painted and I only joined their existing custom. They were happy that I had defied all odds and become one of them. The society and more so the aged was disappointed and irritated by my decision to polish my nails. They thought of me as an individual lost in a world of the youth with a no clear direction on my life.
There are specific reasons that justify the reaction of those around me when I was defiant. My parent’s reaction gets is basis from their parental care and my upbringing. They expected that I would do more than defy the societal norms and act like a girl while all they did was teach and bring me up to be a man. The happy reaction of my peers is justified by relationship we had as a clique of friends. All of us in the group are expected to be of the same character and behavior. The society was angered by the fact that my action was against the norms of the society.

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