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Water pollution connotes to a form of environmental degradation that occurs when contaminated substances are released directly or indirectly into water bodies such as oceans, lakes, and rivers.
There are several causes of water pollution. These include marine dumping, sewage and wastewater treatment, Industrial Waste, and Underground storage leakages.
Marine dumping as a cause of water pollution refers to the dumping of various forms of litter in water bodies including the sea, oceans, and rivers. Types of litter that can be dumped in water bodies include glass, aluminium, foam, photodegradable packaging, newspaper, and cardboards. Such litter can trap marine beings; hence, resulting in their death.
Sewage mainly connotes to wastewater, which mainly contains laundry waste, urine, and faeces. Sewage disposal is the primary component that causes water pollution. Worth noting is the fact that sewage disposal is a main problem in third world countries (Goel, 2006).
Industrial Waste has been hypothesized as one of the most comprehensive cause of water pollution. In most cases industrial plants utilize water to carry waste from the industries to the water bodies.
Underground storage leakages refers to leakages from underground storage tanks that are often utilized to store various substance such as petroleum. Leakage of such tanks lead to flow of its contents into the water bodies; hence, resulting in water pollution.

Death of aquatic animals
Water pollution causes death of living organisms that rely on water bodies as their living environment. Precisely, water pollution causes death fish, sea gulls, crabs, and dolphins.
In addition, water pollution is responsible for the occurrence of human diseases. Human are impacted negatively by water pollution in that people often consume various sea foods. Consumption of sea foods that have been contaminated by water pollutants result in the occurrence of fatal diseases such as cholera and typhoid.
Finally, water pollution causes the destruction of the ecosystem. The interaction between living organisms, whereby they depend on each other is affected when water is polluted.

The ecosystem, especially water bodies can be saved from water pollution by adopting proper waste disposal strategies.

People from various societal contexts should be informed to avoid throwing rubbish anyhow. This will help in reducing the washing away of such rubbish into the water bodies.
Industrial plants should not release its waste into water bodies. Prevention of release of industrial waste will help solve water pollution, which has become a major environmental challenge (Goel, 2006).
Use of more environmentally friendly cleaning agents should be adopted for use at homes. This will limit the washing away of harmful waste water into the water bodies.


Goel, P. K. (2006). Water pollution: Causes, effects and control. New Delhi: New Age International.

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