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The Norton Museum displays one of best arts design in the whole world’s finest removal of American, European and Asian art. Definite pattern of exhibitions from the museum’s unchanged collection, educational talks and other events are always scheduled. The museum’s permanent gathering of support more than 2,000 years and it includes well known artists in art designs like Goya and Picasso. The museum is building in a unique format originally designed by architects known as Ladd & Kelsey in the year 1969. Here are some of the art description form museums; (Eric Pace June 4, 1993)
The art of Adam and Eve: data: image/jpeg; base64,/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAAQAThis paint or clearly shows how the first generation of people looked like and how they behaved in their own lives. This paint clearly shows how man looked in the likeness of God’s image how friendly they were with Mr. Snake by that time. They tried to move together with mister snake whenever they and this show clearly in the paint where they are together with the snake unlike today’s generation. The paint went on to clearly indentify that eve was the first person to grab the fruit that was forbidden in the Garden of Eden. This fruit was not supposed to be tamped by any of these people as they given order from God. However, basing on this art or paint it is clearly shown that Eve irrevocably failed to obey God’s order and grabbed the fruit from the tree with the intention of discovering why God denied them to have access to that fruit. On the side of the snake, it was very happy and encouraging Eve to grab the fruit such that they can have a test on it. The snake was very wise enough due to the fact that it wanted to let Eve first test the fruit then it tests. This means that if the fruit was poisonous, Eve would be the first person to die followed by the snake then Adam would be the last person to die.
On the side of Adam, this art illustrates how Adam’s attitude was and it seems that he was not in the same line with Eve on the idea of testing the fruit that God put restrictions on it. On this point of view, Adam was kind enough to resist what Eve and the snake were trying to do by that time. He did not want to disobey the order that was given to them by God. This is revealed when he was carrying gesture communication of scratching the head with his right hand. (Williams, Glen. 2003) This means he was not conversant enough with what snake and Eve were doing that was not in line what God told them to do. From that point clearly indicates that Adam was forced to eat the fruit by peer group influence but little did they know that they are doing something that works contrary to God’s order that was given to them. Basing on this paint a question can be rose that why did the snake not first to grab the fruit yet it was up on top of the tree where the fruits are? Among the three whom should we apportion the blame too? Here in the paint the blame should be put on the snake because if it want to test the fruit, it would have been the first to test instead it convinced and deceived Eve to first test the fruit and Eve as a lady did not think twice about the act of test the fruit and want would the out comes after eating the fruit. In this picture, Adam should not be blame because even at first the gesture show that he was not able to do the testing on the fruit because for him first thought twice on what will be the outcomes or the end results that will come from God’s view that action. The paint also clearly shows that at first people live necked without covering anything on top of their bodies meaning there was no shyness at all but after that action then maybe they realized that they need to cover their bodies.

This art drive the view of resurrection in a very clear and critical way. It indicates that the person was once a dead creature but there after he resurrected from nowhere with full of doubt from other people. This is revealed when come to see the person on the left hand side of the resurrected person while wondering where it true or he was just curry out a daylight dream by that time. (Williams, Glen. 2003)The picture clearly shows that the person was buried in the cemented grave but there after the grave opened its self when the person was resurrecting from the grave yard. This means that from that point of view everything is possible to happen in the life of man. It shows that the Engel of God came and stood on top of the grave that is when the person who was considered to be a dead person in the grave rose up and be a normal person as usual but people could not still believe it just because it was new to them and it had never happened in their community at large. This gives us a lesson to learn that whatever we do on this earth we must reflect it to God because any new can happen on our lives. For that matter there for, basing on this picture of or art we should put trust on the side of God but not everyone else


In conclusion therefore, museum gives the real fact through art designing and the in information of the art illustrates it intended action and incredible history and quality. These arts really present information that is in real life of human being without doubt in its physical appearance. (Eric Pace June 4, 1993)

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