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Military deception is an activity that is conducted at operational, strategic and tactical levels and can be defined as those actions that are executed deliberately to mislead the adversaries who make decisions about the military capability that one party that is involved in the military operations. The role that the military capabilities, operations, and the intentions thereby cause the adversary to take specific actions and plans or inactions and this goes a long way in contributing to the accomplishment of the mission at hand.
The actions of misleading the adversaries during any phase of the operation plays a vital role in misleading the adversaries in war as to the strengths, readiness, and the intended missions of the friendly forces and the locations of the war. After the operation has been conducted successfully, the military should take on the responsibility of supporting the transition to the country away to a situation whereby it can support its own civil control and maintain national objectives (Dorr, 34).
There are various roles that the technical aspect of the military deception employs. The capabilities that are employed are psychological operations, operations security, counterintelligence, counterpropaganda operations, and military deception and public affairs operations. These various activities allow the military commanders to guarantee that they are in a position to prepare, shape the operational battlespace by carefully choosing the information that they want to relay to the public and the adversaries.
In the operation D-Day, the role that military deception played cannot be understated. Before even the invasion had occurred, both sides knew that one of them must come. All the allies against Germany engaged in bluffs and during this time, they ensured that they covered third real intentions of what they were planning. The Germans were continuously fed with false information on what was about to happen. The plan from the British even had its own unique codename and the truth was in such a precarious state that it had to be accompanied by a body of Bodyguards’. The main aim of the deception was to convince the Germans that there were, in fact, two other alternative operations that were going to take place while the truth was that only one operation was being conducted. One military commander was used in such role that he led a fake army and positioned themselves strategically while in the real sense he was responsible for preparing a real army back in the United States.
The different deception tactics that they employed means that the Germans were confused on the real number of forces that were about to attack and the size of the attack. The areas that were supposed to be attacked were also not clear to the Germans. What I believe is that convincing the enemy during a time of war in what they want to believe plays a vital role in enhancing the deception tactics that one wants to implement. The British allied intelligence service became successful in leaving the Germans to rely on guesswork and thereby had to hedge their bets on how and when the invasion was going to occur thereby severely denting their chances to win (Ricklefs, 90).
The fundamental aspect of any military war is to ensure that their enemies have their human lives taken. What I believe as a Cristian is that there are many aspects that one must consider before placing judgment on the methods that one utilizes to win a war. There are various battles that have been recorded in the bible. Some of the battles in the bible involved military deceptions such as the battle that Gideon led. All their enemies though that the battle involved a lot of men while one 300 soldiers were sent to battle. The ended up ambushing their enemies. The main issue that arises is that the use of military deceptions is not only downplayed by the use of such tactics but the need to have such wars. It is also evident that there is a need for any country to protect itself from aggressors who want to rob the nation and kill. It is therefore allowed in the bible to have war. In fact in the bible, there are instances whereby God commanded the Israelites to go to war. To me, war is thus undoubtedly justified. If by killing one, commits murder, then god can be held liable for commanding the Israelites to commit murder.
In any country, the military operations of any nation can act as an extension of the police system of that country. Its main legitimate reason is to ensure that peace and the security of its citizens are maintained. The police and the army are trained and armed to guarantee that security of the citizens. If the criminals attack the citizens, then the police or the army are obliged to protect them even if they use force. According to Poltrack (34), the war has to be fought whereby the protection of the citizens is to be afforded. The role that deception can take can be high based on the severity of the threat that is posed to the country. After all, it is for the protection of the citizens. This, however, should be clearly monitored. The role that deception plays can have a hidden agenda. If the army or the policemen use deception and manipulation for their own gain, then their actions can be considered as illegitimate, and further action has to be taken on them.
In conclusion, the modern military operations have not changed. Deceptions in the operations of militaries all over the world are constantly evolving. This is as a result of the continuous threats that are constantly posed to the citizens. The fundamental aspect of any military war is to ensure that their enemies have their human lives taken. The militaries of any country have to what is best for the situation at hand. In the issue of D-Day, there was a need to use military deceptions in the bid to ensure that the Germans were defeated. Additionally, the use of military deception tactics enable one of the nations in the battle to get a competitive advantage over the other. The role that the military deceptions that were implemented on the D-Day ensured that the way took a shorter time than it should have taken as Germany was overpowered. This led or a reduction in the number of lives that could have been lost had the war continued without the tactics that were used. The strategy implemented at the time set up a platform whereby militaries all over the world implement while fighting with their enemies. The deception tactics have however evolved over time due to the technological advancement. The use of cyber crimes is rife whereby the economies of the countries that are fighting are sabotaged.

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