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The hospitality industry is one of the big industries in most countries. The hospitality industry in Oxford city in the United Kingdom involves hotel operations, motels, resorts, guesthouses, picnic, and recreation. In the United Kingdom, the hospitality industry is the primary source of foreign exchange. Tourism, on the other hand, involves the traveling activities for leisure by the locals and foreigners. To develop the tourism and the hospitality industry conditions such as good infrastructure, commuter facilities, water and accommodation with well-furnished rooms and entertainment have to be available. Historical sites such as rivers, hills and lakes should also be available. A stable, calm political atmosphere should be present as well. Therefore the hospitality and tourism industry go hand in hand, and none can operate smoothly without the other.
Hospitality is more of kindness in welcoming guests refers to while tourism refers to leisure travel. Hospitality has had to be managed especially in tourism, restaurant and holiday destination areas. Hospitality and tourism, therefore, are used in an inter-related manner (Carmen & Bob, 2013). The primary aim of hospitality is to have a relationship that enhances exchange of goods and services between the hosts and guests in both materials and symbolic terms. To classify hospitality outlets, you need first to examine the varied tourist destinations that accommodate tourists and offering good meals and accommodation. In the United Kingdom, hospitality outlets dropped from 262,134 in 2008 from 263,053 in 2007.
The successful and expanding hospitality outlets that have shown remarkable improvement are those situated in popular places with tourists and a lot of attractions, for example, those in Paris, Hollywood and New Zealand. The hospitality outlets placed in unpopular suffer a great deal because very few tourists visit them. Many hospitality companies use leisure venues such as casinos to help them progress and reach a wider business market (Prideaux, Moscardo & Laws, 2006).

The interrelationship between tourism and hospitality

It has been said that that there are no clear boundaries between tourism and hospitality. As such it is very difficult to cut a line between travel, leisure, accommodation and travel because all these tend to overlap and are used interchangeably.
Tourism and hospitality go hand in hand. In hospitality guests and tourists expect to be offered services such as accommodation, food and beverages, transportation, recreation, and leisure. In providing these services, the chefs get to interact widely with the guest thereby increasing their friendship and interaction especially if they are doing it for passion (Prideaux, Moscardo & Laws, 2006).
The two terms are also inter- related in the sense that if a tourist travels all the way to a new place he or she expects to find a hospitable environment. In the long run, they might think of coming to these places again or invite their friends and family depending on the treatment they were accorded the first time. After all, tourists enjoy traveling and having great experiences. The hospitality industry, therefore, has the pressure of providing excellent and enjoyable environment for patrons.
It is essential, therefore, to provide accommodation, good meals and beverages to tourists. Also, the provision of hearty food and warming drinks by the tour guide is essential during journeys remembering that some travels tend to be long and tiring. It can also be done at stopovers
Contemporarily, hospitality industry has been exploring the possibilities to integrate departmental analytics. The hospitality management can make use of the analytical outputs, and they will improve remarkably in the coming years. There is the vertical and the horizontal integration.
The horizontal integration involves an organization that has two or more companies of their own on the same level of buying for example the First Choice Group who own the First Choice Travel Agency and the First Choice Hypermarket and are integrated (operating together). The merit of the horizontal integration is that the companies can increase their market
Vertical integration is when an organization buys another organization on a different buying chain. That is an organization can purchase a travel and hospitality firm altogether.

In the recent business trends, hospitality together with the gaming companies is gaining a lot from the integrations.

In the hotel industry, the asset of massive businesses strategy such as the vertical integration is resurfacing with most tourist travel companies. The integration wishes to have independent tourism companies and hospitality businesses at the same time. The main objective of such a thought is to complement the tourism with hospitality and at the same time create more profit for this business.
The integration was causing more benefit than before when there was independence. Therefore, the vertical integration is gaining acceptance in other places such as Hilton Worldwide. The vertical integration agencies are using this avenue to interact with guests more carefully attending to their immediate needs and listening to their vacation experiences (Paul & Luiz, 2014). Through this, they can develop different hotel products, brands, and services to capitalize on such a sure market.
Despite enjoying these benefits of integration, challenges are also being experienced. Integration is not easy as such. The cost of integrating tourism is so high. Therefore, most companies may not be able to do this.
There is also the problem of seasonal tourism. After investing in the integrated business, both companies cannot be sure of an assured market. Paul and Luiz (2014) state that it happens because there are times in a year when tourism is at its peak; for instance during the festivity time. Otherwise, the other times people are busy with school, work and what not. The problem of geographical structure is evident in that there is a problem in accessing vital centers that are geographical in nature. The areas that are far from the city or rather are interior suffer the most. They suffer from a peripheral problem and thus it is difficult to access them and make available useful communication (Zhou, 2004). With this, the most accessible places have the merit of getting more guests and, therefore, the peripheral areas offering the same services can’t compete with them. For instance island locations have been thoroughly investigated and are said to be facing many challenges in the tourism sector. According to BTEC (2010), maintaining operational systems especially in those areas that are remote areas because they present a challenge in travel, tourism, and hospitality.
In the case of a weaker relationship between the tour operators and hotel partner’s integrated business is in danger. The tourists are likely to shift to other places rendering the company bankrupt due to customer loss.
The government should recognize support the integrated tourism and hospitality business both the vertical and the horizontal integrations and to provide incentives for them too. There should also be long-term management contracts in resort businesses (BTEC National, 2010).
The integrated industry should also gain popularity, so that other companies come into the vacation market. There should also be access to reliable commercial alliances and strategic representation in such markets.
Integrated hospitality and tourism market if understood well having the challenges that might be encountered in mind and the possible solutions will benefit a lot as is the case with Mexican and Caribbean destination. Vertical integration benefits the tour operators in that it reduces their costs, and they can save more. Integration allows for the organization to follow their pricing strictly and to control it too. It also allows for communicating well with the other companies involved (BTEC National, 2010).
Properly understood the hospitality and tourism is a business that can enable the owners to make more profit and for the country to benefit in this venture too. The people and the government should, therefore, invest in this venture and see the level it is going to take them. For the integration enables the organization owners to work closely with both the local and international tourists closer and understanding each other more.


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