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Among the influential leaders who managed to impact the making of the United States, one cannot but encounter a great contribution of Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Obviously, he appeared to be a powerful figure from the perspective of the political, economic, scientific, and pioneering move. Benjamin Franklin is probably best known for drafting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. However, it is also worth making mention that Franklin negotiated Treaty of Paris, which stopped the Revolutionary War; it was the man who “helped transform the mind” (Bruce 39)
Analyzing Franklin’s activity, it becomes apparent that he was focused on taking care of the societal processes. Born in religious family, Benjamin Franklin had a strong belief in God; however, he did not often attend the church. Having been baptized in 1706, he emerged to be interested in reading religious works. Being quite an intelligent leader, he was aware that belief in God would enable the society to remain healthy. Since Franklin was targeted in creating a solely independent society, he aimed to implement the religious fundamentals into public life. It is obvious that Franklin was willing to build a just society claiming that all the humans should equal in their rights. Moreover, Benjamin Franklin was concerned about the sings of corruption and wanted to invent the mechanism of monitoring the leaders in order “ to make sure they remain servants” (Bruce 70)
Benjamin Franklin’s inventions as well as discoveries are hardly to be underestimated. Such things as bifocals, electricity, lighting rod, Franklin stove, and Glass Armonica are all closely-related to the discussion political theorist, politician, scientist, and diplomat. The range of things that Benjamin Franklin applied to is evidently broad; founding the educational institutions, libraries, shaping the U.S. strategy, publishing newspapers – everything from the person who shaped his life road through intense spiritual enrichment, permanent moral guide, nice humour, and an absolute dedication to civic activity.

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