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In the world of today, technology has improved in all sectors of life. So many instruments have come up to help in different fields, making work easier. A Hubble is one of the instruments that has brought change in the field of science and it is therefore described as a space telescope that van be upgraded, and it flies high up to 600km in the air beyond the many image-distorting sky.This paper is going to focus on the Hubble and its contribution to the field of science.
A Hubble is a very essential instrument that has been designed to take resolution of high images that are accurate by focusing the shining light in order to make, which cannot be obtained from the earth's surface. When on the ground, the shining light makes the images appear blurred. As a result, the Hubble is said to more powerful than the ground telescopes that usually has mirrors that used to reflect light and larger in size.
Hubble has ha various essential impacts in Science. It has in many ways contributed to the field of science since it was launched in the year 1990. These contributions have improved the science world in many different sectors. Some of the contributions made include the way in which the Hubble has been able to calculate the number of years of the cosmos thus inventing the high rate at which the universe is expanding. The Hubble has also been reported to have observed the galaxies that are very far away in the sky, and classified them accordingly, as well as, grouping them in the order of the way they appear in the graphic images. This scientific instrument has also revolutionized the human understanding of the genetic and decease of the stars. Another contribution is in the solar neighborhood where the Hubble has taught humans about planets, asteroids and comets in our own solar system.
Another contribution made by the Hubble to the field of science is the fact that it was able to make the first ever seen image of an exoplanet that could be seen in the light,. Besides, the instrument was able to spott the planetary systems and the way the are formed. Has also found black holes at the core of all enormous galaxies and the observations the Hubble makes to stars as they form from massive dust clouds. It has also been brought out that Hubble has studied what the universe is made of, and came to some astonishing conclusions and also how astronomers use a helping hand from Einstein to increase the bubbles collection. Scientists have used Hubble to to observe the most distant stars and also galaxies as well as the planets in the solar system.
The Hubble has been able to make the relevant contributions in science because it has a lot of accuracy. Its accuracy is about .007 arc seconds, which is like being able to shine a laser beam on a dime 200 miles away. Moreover, the Hubble has the ability to see most of the objects in astronomy from an angle of 0.05 arc seconds. Other Hubble facts that have led to the science contributions include; the generation of about 10 Terabytes of new data per year, the weighing of 24,500 pounds as much as two full grown elephants, possession of a primary mirror that is 2.4meters (7feet,10.5inches) across. It is also 13.3meters (43.5feet) long.
In conclusion, it is evident that the Hubble telescope has changed the world of today by improving the fields of science.it has a lot of great features that differentiate it from the ground telescope. It is a powerful telescope that makes cleat images, as well as oars, allowing the astronomical objects to be seen clearly. Those changes that have occurred in the field of science, would not have not happened by this point without the Hubble.

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