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Physical Infrastructure

Germany, as one of the largest countries in Europe, has an impressive physical infrastructure system relative to much of Europe. For example, Germany currently has 645,000 km of paved roads, which is about 400,700 miles. Because they only have 645,000 km of total roads, this means all their roads are paved. 12,800 km are expressways, and this gives them the 11th best ranking worldwide in terms of roads (“The World Factbook).
In terms of railways, Germany has 41,981 km of total rail laid down. This is good for the 6th most rail in the world. 20,053 km are electrified rail, and only 220km of the railways are narrow gauge. Germany has a total of 539 airports, which ranks 13th in the world. Of the 539 airports, 318 of them have a paved runway, with 14 of those being over 3,000 meters long. Therefore, Germany has a number of large airports. They also have 221 without paved runways (“The World Factbook”).
While Germany is ranked highly in terms of railroads and paved road systems, they are not as highly ranked in terms of waterways. They have 7,467 km of waterways, which only ranks 19th in the world. Their most common waterway is the Rhine River, which carries most of their goods, although they also use the main Danube Canal, which links the North Sea and the Black Sea. Finally, Germany has a number of ports and terminals. Their major seaport is in the Baltic Sea by Rostock. They also have a port by the North Sea in Wilhelmshaven. This is accompanied by a number of river ports throughout the country, such as on the Rhine, Geeste, Elbe, and Wakenitz rivers (“The World Factbook”).

Economic Infrastructure

According to the CIA, Germany has the fifth largest economy in the world, and is the leading exporter of many different machines and equipment. Because it has a large economy, Germany has a large overall GDP of $3.2 trillion. However, their GDP growth rate is only .5 percent, which is 185 in the world. This is from 2013, which is lower than past years as they were at .9 percent in 2012 and grew 3.4 percent in 2011. Of course, Germany has an established economy, while more developing and smaller countries could easily surpass that growth rate. While Germany has a large overall GDP, their per capita GDP is slightly worse in terms of world ranking. They have an estimated $39,500 GDP per capita, which is only 29th in the world. Most of these people are working in the services industry (70 percent), and about 30 percent in industry. They have very few people in agriculture, at less than 1 percent (“The World Factbook”).
Germany’s inflation rate is currently at 1.6 percent in 2013, which is 44th in the world. They have actually improved this rate since 2012, as they were are 2.1 percent in 2012. Germany currently has a percentage of 50.67 in terms of trade as a share of GDP (“Exports as Share of GDP By Country”). Germany currently exports $1.4 trillion, which is 4th in the world, and imports $1.2 trillion, also 4th in the world. Therefore they export slightly more than they import. In terms of the potential market, Germany is ranked 6th in the world, with their best ranking being that of the market consumption capacity (“Market Potential Index”).

Communication Infrastructure

Germany has 50.7 million main telephone lines in use, which is 4th in the world. Germany has one of the best telecommunications systems in the world, as they have extensive automatic telephone exchanges connected to fiber-optic cable, and coaxial cable network. They have put a lot of effort into improving this system since WWII. However, cellular devices are even an even bigger market than landline phones. They have twice the amount of cell phones in use, as opposed to land lines. 107.7 million cell phones are in usage in Germany, which is 11th in the world. They use is expanding rapidly, seeing as Germany only has 80 million people, this is more than one cell phone per person. Their cell reception is excellent, and they also have a very good international network (“The World Factbook”).
Germany has 20 million internet hosts, which is good for 6th in the world, and have 65 million internet users, which is almost their entire country. Their internet speeds are also very fast, relative to much of the world, as they average 29 mbps download speed, and 4.3 mbps upload speed. Germany is 17th in the world in PC ownership, having 543.34 PC’s per 1,000 people as of 2004, and is 2012 71.5 million PC’s were in use throughout the country, which is 4th in the world. 95 percent of the population also have a TV in Germany, which is 44th in the world (“The World Factbook”). These facts show that Germany has a very good telecommunication network within their country and are one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.


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