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In the online blog, I came across an interesting entry which focuses on the Criticism and Neo-Freudian Approaches to Personality. In the entry, it was mentioned that despite Sigmund Freud earning the distinction of being the Father of Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality there are a lot of criticism in his theory due to his obsession with sexuality and drives. Like any other theories in general, Freud’s theories were not excused from the scrutiny of other scholars. The stages of Freud’s psychosexual stages of personality development (oral state, anal state, phallic stage, latency stage and genital stage), the entry is talking of the focuses of the stages.
The interesting part about the entry is that provides another angle to Freud’s famous personality theory. After the controversy which is caused by Freud’s theory a lot of other theories branch out and attempted to restate the Freudians theory but in a more sociological and cultural paradigm rather than a strict biological terms. The theories of Freud may be too complicated to some people because of his introduction of peculiar relationship and feelings such as the Oedipal Complex. The topic occurs during the Phallic Stage of Freud’s stages of his psychosexual stage of personality.
The changes in his theories reflect how theories transcend through time and how traditional theories continuously serve as the foundation and basis for contemporary theories of personality. The article is useful especially in understanding both the limitations and areas for improvement of the Freudian theories.
As discussed in class, no theory is perfect and despite the reputation of Sigmund Freud, there are still people who do not agree with his opinions and theories. The target audience of the article is people who both supports and disagree with the orientation practiced by Freud. For the supporters, the article provides areas wherein the theories can improve so that more people can relate or appreciate it. On the other hand, for those who oppose the Freudian orientation, the article reinforces their claim about the weakness of the theory.
Based on the discussion in class, the article managed to provide strong points in terms of dissecting the theory of Sigmund Freud. For example, the article mentioned that Freud definitely expanded the real of psychological understanding of personality but of course limits are present. The main weakness of the theory is his unique choice to emphasize on the structure of the human mind wherein he paid little to no attention to the probable involvement of culture, sociology or the external environment in general.
In class, it was mentioned that the main characteristic of his theories are the focus on the including of the normal functioning. In my honest opinion, I find the blog entry helpful in terms of deepening my idea about Freud’s theory. In order to appreciate a theory, its weakness and limitations should be assessed not only its strengths and contributions. If people keep a one-sided view of any theory then they limit the opportunity for progress and development.


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