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Advancement in the technology and increasing the ways of information are some of the major aspects that used by the organizations to enhance the level of effectiveness within their operations. Shareholders deem very important for the sake of an organization, and they are the regular participants that contributes positively in their financial and economic position (Differencebetween.net, 2015).
The shareholders of the company usually divided into two different parts known as internal shareholders and external shareholders. Internal shareholders are the type of shareholders that specifically associated with the employees and the upper management of a company (Phillips, 2014). On the other hand, external shareholders are the external investors and the customers of an organization. The stance of customer focus and orientation is more than significant for the sake of an organization, and the real productivity of an entity lies on the fact that how effectively and beautifully they manage their operations.
Managing and maintaining the customer based data is very important for an organization, however the method used for the management and retrieving the data varies from organization to organization, and from industries to industries. There is a serious on-going debate found among the management of data through an effective medium. Spreadsheet and Databases are the mediums which have been used to compare accordingly. The scenario is very clear for this assignment, as a retail organization is selected for this assignment which usually deals in used cars. The company is intending to manage the data of their customers and suppliers accordingly. The analysis and discussion of the assignment is divided into three different parts that needed to be complete in this assignment.

Analysis & Findings

After a thorough study and research, it is evaluated that among numerous methods to manage and retrieved the data of a company, the name of Spreadsheet and Database are some of them. Theoretically a Spreadsheet is a simple sheet made with the help of Microsoft Excel for the recording and reporting purpose. The Spreadsheet can be manage by applying Data control and analysis tools on it, however complex calculations can also be done with the help of Spreadsheets. The limit of a spread sheet is unlimited and it can be extended as per the requirement. Using it with coloring combination and powerful headings, effective actions can be taken into consideration accordingly by the management officials of an organization.
On the other hand, database is a sophisticated business model that used to manage the data according to its flow. It basically interconnects each data with the other to make the data to be used in a certain process. It has a remarkable capability to apprise the management regarding the utilization of the data, and then powerful decisions can be taken into account (Igetit.net, 2015). There are numerous organizations found in the world which are actually utilizing the database management to manage the data of their customers and other important personnel related to the company.
The applicability and selection of data management depends specifically upon the type of business, and the intensity to complete the operations. According to this particular scenario, the company is a retailer of used cars, and the company is intending to manage the data of their potential and existing customers along with having detailed information about the suppliers of the company and the cars which are available for sale found within their premises (Segue Technologies, 2013).
Though, both of the data management tools can be effective for the company, but Excel Spreadsheet would be more worthwhile and effective for this business as compared to Database. Excel Spreadsheets are easy to manage and retrieve while it is not as easy in the database to retrieve the data easily. A layman can enter and access the data in the excel spreadsheet, but a strong command over the database management function is required to manage the database of the customers accordingly. Detailed, comprehensive and complex calculations can be done easily in the spreadsheets as compared to the database management systems, along with having different sections for the existing as well as potential customers of the company through which they can take effective and timely action for the long term perfection of the company. As a consultant, the company should use excel spreadsheet for managing the data, and the reason of this recommendation will be detail down in the next part of the report.


As discussed above that both of the methods are powerful and effective, however it is important to select only one from this list to complete this assignment. The selection could have been initiated between a Spreadsheet and a database. After having a critical observation and thorough analysis of the scenario description, it is clear that the company deals in used cars and works as a retailer.
It is recommended to the management of the company to use Spreadsheet functions for their management of data because it will be more convenient for them as compared to database. The ease and efficiency the company can found by managing their data through the excel spreadsheet cannot be found while managing their data through the database function. Database function can work for the company, if they work as a manufacturer of cars, design it and then distribute it to their consumers. The company is not working on a sophisticated and complex type of process; therefore, there is no need to spend money on the database management system. The company is also not supposed to have such complex application for managing the data of their consumers and suppliers.
On the other hand, Excel Spreadsheet can fulfill all the objectives and appetite of the management officials of the company, because the company is in need to record the customers, suppliers and the used cars data to complete their operations in a perfect manner. The company can make three different sheets in a single spreadsheet document, in which they can record the names, telephone numbers, address and other important information of their customers and suppliers. The list can be modified easily if need. The sheet can be used to take effective decisions by the management by making powerful and understandable graphs. Database management system usually found in operative condition within the manufacturing concerns and organizations, and in this scenario, the organization is a retailer which has a smooth function and operations particularly.


This particular part of the paper specifically designs to have an information and demonstration of the outline that will be used to design the process of data management through the excel spreadsheet. Let’s say a new customer approached the company to buy a used car. The company then search out the car within the data of their suppliers, and then sells the car to the consumer and records it in the car list. The design of the same process is as follows
It is very clear from the aforementioned picture that every step is interlinked with the other one to reach on a final conclusion. For example, a customer came to but Toyota Corolla XLI 2012 from the company. The company record this customer as a potential customer, and the asked the suppliers if they have the same model in their jurisdiction. After the sales completed, the customer which have been recorded as a potential customer will be moved in the list of existing customers. This type of data management is very easy for the company, and can be extremely convenient while accessing and retrieving the data for the purpose of the discussion and analysis.


Without any doubt, no organization can run its operations without the application and implementation of Information Technology on it. The main perspective of this assignment revolves around the fact of utilizing the data management technique, and compares two dominating methods, Spreadsheet or Database management system. Though, both of the methods are perfect, but after analyzing the core operations of the company, it is found and recommended to the company to use excel spreadsheet function for their convenience and effectiveness as far as their future is concerned.


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