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Published: 2020/09/09

Growing Unemployment in Europe: Emphasizing on European Union’s Role in Mitigating the Situation

The institutional structure of the European Union had an objective of taking care of the entire region’s socioeconomic outlook in the future years. The readers of Wall Street Journal are surprised by the burgeoning number of unemployed young people in the geographical location that once presented the image of paradise on the Earth. The issue is having a regional nature once again, and the case with EU is pretty much the same as what happened with Germans when they left in order to conquer the world under the leadership of Hitler. He thought that Aryans were destined to rule the world (Hitler, 87), and the similar kind of thinking is prevalent in modern Europe as well because they have made a cultural stand against the empowered concept of Americanization in the latest times. They have an urge not to let the societal and cultural evasion to happen because they hold their values most dear. Still, the overall objective of the EU is noble, and therefore, it is praiseworthy as well. However, the organization is operating under extreme level of constraining powers that led to the creation of heightening unemployment in the Europe.
The European states are failing to produce international employees who can engage effectively in the globalized work settings, and their linguistics are underdeveloped because of the fact that they do not learn the global medium of communication with their whole hearts, and therefore, they do not have increasing employment potential in the global human resource market. Additionally, the European employees have higher organizational costs because they demand higher monetary and nonmonetary compensations as compared to that of what Indians and Chinese need to engage in the international organizational mechanics. The Europeans are confused as business managers and industrial professionals because they have made a rapid jump from being an industrial hub to services oriented economy. In ideal circumstances, the national systems have to exploit their production capability before they can enter into the world of services. However, the Europe became or it would fit to say that they tried to become services based economy in the recent years without using their full production potential. In this way, the corporate world of the region experienced disorientation due to lack of attainable and clear national economic goals (Dalton). The organizations did not know what they had to do in order to support the purpose of regional development in various domains.
The organizations that have an indigenous design had to protect their economic and strategic interests by shrinking their operations, and therefore, the undue trend of downsizing emerged in the economy that promised significant level of fiscal development to the people of Europe. The strategic creation of EU caused the communist regime to thrive in the local market, and because of this very reason, the EU clenched natural resources of the entire continent into its hands, and the possibility of corruption was created that the leaders might have been using in order to meet their personal and private agendas. At the same time, income disparity in the region is growing notably in the past few years, and the young people are staying out of job because of lacking entrepreneurial activities. The administrative web of EU has to create policies that can stimulate business operations in the countries.

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