Good Essay About Significance Of Celebrity Culture Within Social Media

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The number of celebrities in the society today enjoys the beauty of fame and adoration from the rest of the society. The celebrity culture has invaded our society through the social media network and many of the average citizens in the society enjoy the celebrity status through the use of the social media. Individuals now have the chance to post pictures across social media websites and have “followers” or fans comment on these status. The fact is that the idea of living in a manner that is similar to that of the famous celebrities is fascinating and it has permeated the modern day culture. The society sees images of famous celebrities who live glamorous lifestyles and they crave these lifestyles. As a result, they liken themselves to these celebrities and they receive the fame that rivals that of other popular celebrities. Arguably, there is a Twitter and Instagram social network site that allows the average individual to have thousands and millions of followers who live vicariously through the lifestyle of the rich. The truth is that “celebrities reside on our clothing and cereal boxes, telling us what to wear and what to buy,” and therefore, the average citizen gravitates towards this lifestyle.
Networked media has changed the way individuals view the culture of celebrities. In addition, the social media has changed “the ways that people relate to celebrity images, how celebrities are produced, and how celebrity is practiced.” Researchers show that Twitter attracts a variety of celebrity personalities. There are those in the movie and music industry, Senate, Banking world among others. Arguably, the most followed users on Twitter are those that are not the conventional famous individuals but instead, they are the general public who seek to emulate the more affluent in the society.
There are those blogs, websites, and fan sites that offer a variety of locations that provide individuals with “circulation and creation of celebrity, moving between user-generated content and the mainstream media.” Conversely, “on Twitter, celebrity is practiced through the appearance and performance of access to backstage access.” Nevertheless, “Twitter is rife with complex negotiation of multiple audiences including intimate friends, practitioners, and fans.” Conversely, the celebrity maintains “mutual recognition of power differentials by fan and practitioner, and maintenance of one’s fan base through performed intimacy, affiliation, and public acknowledgment.”
The truth is that individuals devote much of their lives to obsessing over the lifestyle of the rich and famous celebrities that grace the media. The question though is: How has the celebrity culture taken over so much of the society and the way that individuals live and think? Arguably, the impact of the celebrity culture on the social landscape in the society stems from the idea that a number of celebrities are “vapid and materialistic, emblems of consumer culture.” Of course, this stereotype is inaccurate as the celebrity stereotype holds limited merit as the celebrity culture offers more than a picture of fame, beauty, and money. For many individuals, the social media sites offer celebrities the opportunity to build a personal relationship between fans and their idols. This relationship serves as a reminder that the celebrities are people with feelings and emotions. Additionally, Twitter offers many fans the opportunity to understand that there is more worth to these celebrities than being on a stage and performing.
Conversely, celebrities play an important role in the lives of many individuals and the positive messages they share via Twitter and using hashtags allows the average member of the society to accept the positive values that these celebrities share. Take for example Tyler Perry. This multibillionaire finds a lot of time to share simple details of his life on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He carries out a number of projects that help those that are unfortunate in the society. Those individuals who follow Tyler Perry become aware that behind the man on the stage or the television is a man who shares conversation with the average citizen in the park on morning run. The truth is that the celebrity culture in the modern society is an expansion of the interest and fascination that many individuals have of the entertainment industry. Additionally, the increase in the use of the Internet, and the way that information about celebrities explodes across the internet draws the attention of many individuals who use the media. Nonetheless, these celebrities have their personal lives to lead and they do this remarkably well, yet they find the time to share information with the general public.
Franco writes that celebrities harp on self-portraits or selfies that have become the norm for the general public. Additionally, Franco believes that “selfie is one of the most popular ways to post — and garner the most likes from followers.” However, these likes often spiral out of control and a number of individuals find that there are those with negative thoughts feel the need to express these thoughts without remorse. The reality is that many individuals who use these social networking cites do so to gain attention from others. This action is similar to the celebrities who bask in the glory of the millions of followers on Twitter Instagram. Franco postulates that “attention is power” as when it comes to social networking the main idea is to gain attention.
Celebrities get attention on Twitter and leave the general public with the desire to enjoy the attention of the social media websites. Conversely, “the selfie provides something very powerful, from the most privileged perspective possible,” as selfie’s come from the personal collection of the person who wishes to garner attention. Imagine the paparazzi attempting get a picture of a celebrity and then the picture appears on these websites. Stars such as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus know that self-portraits sell their business. As a result, they continue to post self-portraits on these websites. The general public often emulates the celebrities of their choice and as such the public adapt the idea of posting self-portraits to get attention from personal and social media friends. Hashtags are important as when one uses a hashtag one automatically draws the attention of the followers across the social network. Nevertheless, one must be mindful of the way that they hashtag information as each hashtag carries it weight and draws readers from every angle. Curtiss writes “When someone clicks on a hashtag on any of these social networks, they’ll automatically be shown all other public posts that include the same hashtag.” Hastags provide business with positive benefits as “someone does a search on a social network, or Google, for a hashtag you used, your post - and potentially even your profile.” 
In concluding, Twitter allows individuals to share public and private information that travels across the social networks. Celebrities and the general public use Twitter to interact with each other. In fact, hashtags create the ideal opportunity that allows individuals access to the information that one shares. While each piece of information is important to the person posting, one should limit the number of hashtags per tweets as the hashtags serves as the medium that connects the information. Additionally, celebrities post selfies that draws a wide fan base and force users to feel as though they are a part of the lives of these celebrities. Nonetheless, these account have both negative and positive impact on the users as there is the obsessive fan who stalks the celebrities and then there is the celebrity who allows personal managers and selected teams to post on their behalf. The fact is that these social media sites allow individuals to share information, but at the same time much of the information that come across these medium are not truthful. As a result, one sees that there are positive and negative benefits of the social media.


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