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The theory of cognition is that the act of learning is really defined as using the brain to think. In other words learning is the act of absorbing that which is seen, heard, and otherwise experienced so that an individual can grow and develop as a person. From infancy to old age the average human being will continue to learn as they experience, and will continue to develop greater cognitive skills that will be applied to their lives. (Sincero, 2015) Cognition is a part of the cycle of life in that it never ceases, and only increases.
Cognitive Behavioral Theory is only slightly different in that it takes a narrower look upon cognition, taking into account the environment in which an individual comes from and what factors will affect their behavior. This theory also includes what is called the Cognitive Triad, which in effect attempts to explain human behavior using three ideals; the self, the environment/world, and the future. (Sincero, 2015) All these affect cognitive behavior in that they all deal with learning and the thought processes that are involved with them.
Cognitive theory is an interesting and engaging subject that looks at humanity in one of the most capable ways, as it delves into how we learn and how we react to the environment and our own experiences. (Bandura, 2001) It is intriguing to think that human beings and our many varied behaviors are products of little more than the experiences which we undergo, but through cognitive theory it is easy enough to witness that if not for life experiences and the world around us that creates them, it is likely that we would know very little about our world, or ourselves.

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