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Up to a certain period of time, mankind used horses as the main mean of transport. However, with the increase in trade and other contacts between the cities and entire countries, it became vitally necessary to find a new kind of transportation by land, through which it could be possible to transport both people and cargo, reliably and quickly, overcoming hundreds of kilometers. And such vehicles appeared in the first half of the XIX century.
Trains passed a long way from the development of rather primitive steam engines to cutting-edge high-speed monorail trains. At the same time they were created with respect to nonlinear. The designers and engineers from around the world were making their small contributions to the common cause of the evolution of trains that will allow rail to exist and evolve constantly.
First oldest prototype of modern trains appeared in the late 15th century and had absolutely nothing to do with rail transport. In those days the word "train" meant a series of interlinked carts that were moved by single draft power, this power could be a horse or an ox or some other representative of a large cattle. Those days some inventive people used such a train-carts also in military purposes, as a fortification that was a real mobile fortress on wheels. (Ferrari & Lazatti, 1990)
The new value of the word «train» was acquired in the late 17th century, it was the time when the first trolley appeared, which was an open small car designed for transportation of various cargoes. In this case, horses were used as draft animals. Trolley was created to move on a special wooden road; in fact it was the prototype of the first railway. Times have moved forward, and the progress was not standing still, the technology of trains and railways was improved, and in 1804, the English inventor and engineer Richard Trevithick designed world's first train and locomotive.
Nobody took the idea seriously as the first train was coupled only with one passenger carriage and was moving around the circle as a show that was created for fun of noble London public. The train itself was playfully nicknamed «Catch me if you can.»
Only seven years later, the British realized that the technology of train may become a great mean of transport. And after that, starting from 1811 they began to build trains and to lay railways, in order to use train as a mean of transport but not for fun. At first if took place only in England, and then the success of English example made other countries to follow this successful idea. (Gerratt, 2000)
Development of trains and railroads all over the world had just a tremendous influence on the development of the whole of human civilization, and the railways themselves gradually turned to blood arteries of the majority of advanced countries, and strongly influenced the economy. It was clearly understood that without competent construction of railways there will be no progress in future.
Nowadays generation is so accustomed to the railways, that we take their presence for granted. But according to the historical standards, the trains have appeared very recently. 200 years ago, no one could even imagine that soon people will be able to comfortably travel to any distance without the help of horses. The same applies to freight and mail delivery: only the railways were able to connect the vast territories of America, Europe, Russia, they created a single transport system, which greatly influenced the development of the economy.
Today trains are one of the most important means of transport in the world. Daily millions of passengers travel by railroads, and nobody will be surprised that you can buy a train ticket online without leaving your home, and get on the train just by presenting an electronic ticket that will be your boarding pass, printed on paper or by showing your ticket on the screen of your mobile device and an identity document of the passenger to the conductor.
But the transportation of passengers appears to be only one aspect of the strong sides of railway. A very important, and often more profitable, are routing and transportation of goods. Russia, followed by the United States and China, occupies a leading position in the world in cargo volume and distance transportation of goods. And in the United States there was built on of the most advanced systems of transportation in the world. This system is works with the extensive use of computerization. One such system creates the plan of the race for each of the trains. Implementation of the plan is monitored as they pass from point of origin to their destination.(Wolmar, 2012)
The division of trains for passenger and freight existed from the very beginning. Generally the first freight train with locomotive traction appeared in 1820, it was used to transport coal mine from Hatton to the town of Sunderland that both were located in England.
It is obvious that the creation of such technology as train played a significant role in world’s history. Nowadays trains remain to be among the fastest and the most comfortable means of transports. The new generation can not even their lives without trains.


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