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The Bible verses require one to place them in the context and time of their writing so as to understand them. The verse in John 3: 16 (NIV) states that “For so God loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” (biblehub, n.d) is a critical verse to Christians.
There is no agreement on the author of the book of John. There are suggestions that the author is John the Apostle who sat beside Jesus during the last supper and who is called “The Beloved Disciple,” (John 19:25-27). However, there is no evidence that can authoritatively assert the author of the gospel according to John. Some Scholars argue that it could have been Lazarus who the gospels explicitly indicate that Jesus loved him. Whether it was Lazarus or John the Apostle, the author depicts an eye-witness account of the work of Jesus.
Estimations claim that the writing of the book of John occurred around A.D. 85 or an earlier date. Some scholars claim that it could have been between A.D. 50 and A.D. 70. Some specify the date by quoting John 5:2 where the author refers the pool in Jerusalem in present tense by using the word “is” indicating the time of destruction of Jerusalem that occurred before 70 A.D. According to the accounts given concerning specific locations in Jerusalem, the author was from the current Israel (“Gospel of John Commentary: Who Wrote the Gospel of John and How Historical Is It?” 2014).
Nicodemus, who was a Pharisee and was a member of Jewish Council, had gone to Jesus at night for his council as he had witnessed many miracles that only the one sent from above could perform. Jesus taught him of the earthly wealth and the heavenly wealth emphasizing the reason to leave earthly things and follow Jesus the Son of Man. John 3: 16 explain of the essence of being born against as Jesus described. Jesus informed Nicodemus of God’s intentions (loved the world), God’s actions (gave his only Son), and God’s Purposes (that whoever believe shall not perish but shall have eternal life) (Mitch Cervinka, n.d).
The verse gives a summary of the relationship between man and God. The core audience for this verse is anyone who is or wishes to be a Christians. It also points out that, one must accept to leave the earthly wealth and follow Jesus, who died for the atonement of sin in order to get born again. The meaning of the verse has not changed. The goal of Jesus in the Doctrine of Christianity remains the same to save the world, but not to condemn it (John 3:17).
The verse John 3:16 is among the most used Bible verses today. The verse as noted earlier makes clear connections between God’s love and humanity. The verse also brings out an important aspect- the free will. It states that “Whoever believes” pointing out the individual responsibility to choose to follow Jesus or not. The gospel of John does not follow the historical accounts of events. The Book of John tends to focus on the spiritual aspects of the gospels as opposed to the synoptic gospels. Due to this, the author is paramount in the Bible. There are some omissions in John that the synoptic gospels have included in their accounts and vice versa.

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