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Business Communication Strategies Memorandum

In an earlier application, you had requested for information on my latest medical device. I would like to take this opportunity to describe my device and address the solutions it offers in the medical field. The name of my medical device is liquid cautery catheter and is used to deliver liquid caustic agents to treat injuries from bleeding. The device also treats defects and malformations resulting from bleeding.

Background Information

Medical research statistics reveal that there are numerous defects that occur along intestinal linings and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. The most common of these defects include angiodysplasias and radiation injury. Undesired bleeding is the most typical nature of these defects and medical researchers note that gastrointestinal bleeding are responsible for 2 percent of the total hospital admissions every year. Some of the common conventional treatment methods for angiodysplasias and radiation injury include:

Argon plasma coagulation and,
Thermal treatment.
These conventional treatment methods have two major drawbacks; they are cumbersome to use and are relatively expensive. Additionally, the conventional methods of treatment can cause colonic explosions, perforation and heart dysrhythmias. Medical researchers have even revealed that argon plasma coagulation may result in inflammatory polyps.
There are chemical cauterization devices that can be used to treat lesions that occur in the uterus. These devices involve filling the uterus with caustic agents and neutralizing the cauterizing agent with a chemical solution. In most cases, silver nitrate is the cauterizing agent and sodium chloride is the neutralizing solution. However, these devices are limited to situations that the medical practitioner can access the affected organ. Unfortunately, some organs such as the uterine cavity are inaccessible. In view of the limitations of conventional methods of treating intestinal and gastrointestinal infections, there is need to develop a device that overcomes these problems. There is also an urgency for the development of a device that is easy to use and less expensive. Ideally, the liquid cautery catheter is useful in medical fields that experience high incidences of bleeding disorders including orthopedic surgery, urology, pulmonology and general surgery. The device is readily adaptable for use in body organ systems. However, it is specifically useful for procedures within the gastrointestinal tract.

Description of the Device

Above is a figure of the cautery system that is specially designed to deliver the liquid caustic agent to a site of need. The liquid is administered through the use of a catheter or a similar device. One of the primary subjects of this invention is the development of a catheter that has a regulating tip on one side of the system. Opposite to the regulating tip, the catheter can be connected to a container that carries the caustic agent. The preferable container is a syringe.
During typical use, a syringe containing a caustic agent is connected with the tube presented in the diagram above. The syringe is attached to the upper end containing two parts. In this case, the syringe controls the flow of liquid to the site of need. The elongated portion is guided through an endoscope and placed close to the site of need. The caustic agent is delivered by applying pressure on the syringe thus enabling the liquid to travel to the site of need. Most importantly, the syringe controls the flow of the caustic agent. The second image demonstrates how the device is used in a medical setting.
Liquid cautery catheter aims at minimizing the risks and limitations of conventional devices used to treat internal organ infections. It is specifically useful in treating body parts that are almost impossible to access including the gastrointestinal tract. The device has two ends with one end acting as the regulating point, and the other point is used to insert into the organ of choice. I am thankful Mr. John Doe for the opportunity you have granted me to present my invention. It is my belief that this invention will change the lives of many people in a positive manner. For more questions and additional information on the device you can contact me through my personal email: .

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