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Crossing Lines- Based in The Hague, the special crime unit portrayed in crossing lines investigates a variety of international crimes. The unit is comprised of various specialist including anti-organized crime expert, crime analyst weapons specialist, technical specialist and a tactical specialist.
Hawaii five 0- The series covers actions of a task force created by the Hawaii, Island governor. Steve McGarrett heads the task force.


How to get away with murder – The series covers the personal and professional life of a criminal defense lawyer Annalise Keating. When the lawyer’s personal and professional life collide, she is forced to be entwined in a murder plot that she aids her students in covering.
In justice – In justice is concerned with acquitting the wrongly convicted criminals. David Swain, a lawyer, collaborates with an investigator and an ex-police in the liberation convicts falsely accused and in identifying the real perpetrators.


Prison break – Prison Break revolves around prison lives of two brothers, one of whom is awaiting the execution of his death sentence while the other commits a crime with the intention to be jailed. Various aspects of the correction system are portrayed such as corruption and relationship between the prisoners and the prison officers.
Prison song – this film involves the jail life of Elijah and prison mates. When prisoners are subjected to hard labor, they engage in an uprising against the prison officials. Some of them are taken into solitary confinement.
The above shows are a clear and almost accurate representation of the component they represent. For instance, the National Justice Project depicted in ‘In Justice’ is similar to the non-fictional ‘innocent project’ which reexamines cases of wrongly convicted people. The images of the criminal justice system depicted are in most cases negative such as corruption illustrated in prison break. Prisoners bribe the prison officials so that they are allowed to work in the prison industry a situation that gives them more facilities access and freedom. According to Duncan (2013), there is a significant inmate abuse by officers in Maryland Correctional Institution officers. This is an indication that the shows are a fair representation of the justice system. Despite the improved working ethics by the officers, there are instances where the conduct of officials has been wanting. In the series, how to get away with murder, the lawyer convinces a defendant to make a false confession. False confession is one of the common causes of false conviction (People’s Law Office, 2015), and this shows that the shows are realistic with the criminal justice system.


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