Leadership Questions & Answers Essay Example

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Published: 2020/03/31

Question 1

Disciple, Admirer, pupil, imitator, henchman, apostle, believer, devotee, worshipper, adherent, vassal, lackey.

Question 2

In my opinion, the purpose of leadership is the establishment of order. Leaders have to bear the burden of watching over everyone and ensuring order in a society or group exists. Furthermore, they act as a light for everyone giving guidance and direction and forming a path upon which everyone else can trudge on.

Leadership Questions & Answers Essay

Question 3

The church youth group in my location is quite involving. In most cases, the youths can be seen carrying out community works, and having been a member; the leadership transition is quite excellent. The selection of the leader comes down to a fair and just election, and the leader is responsible for organizing the group into teams and assigning tasks to them. The empowerment of other community members occurs through carrying out several practices in the locality.

Question 4

When I first played a game of chess, the immense pressure in knowing that a valuable piece was about to be taken forced me to look for alternatives that would result in a better outcome. The more I thought about a better move, the more I no longer panicked. According to Kolb’s model, the four processes to learning are real experience or feeling followed by reflective observation/watching, then abstract conceptualization/thinking before finalizing with active experimentation/doing. The experience in playing the game developed by reflection, conceptualization, and experimentation has allowed me to be calm regardless of any adversity before me.

Question 5

Faith is my most excellent motivator towards taking leadership positions. I lead because I believe, if I do not, the world will be in a worse situation.

Question 6

Great Man Theory: Martin Luther King Junior

Trait Theory: Mao Tse Tung

Behavioral Theories: Adolf Hitler

Contingency Theory: Niccolò Machiavelli

Transactional Leadership: Bill Gates

Transformational Leadership Theories: Elon Musk

Question 7

In my chaotic life, values are the foundation that provides order. Through them, I know how to behave before everyone else.

One company I worked with practices a top-down style of leadership. As a result, employees have little say in the matter resulting in many rifts among the workforce. Change is mandatory, where I would instead enforce the bottom-up leadership style. By recognizing the role played by the employees, it would become more comfortable for them to communicate their grieving or suggestions aimed at promoting development in the company.

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