Political-Legal In Taiwan Case Study Example

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Political system

Taiwan also known as China is a sovereign state found in East Asia. There are many controversial issues regarding the legal and political statuses of Taiwan. The People's Republic of China alleged that the Chinese government is illegitimate as it refers to it as the Taiwan authority. The Republic of China using its constitution elected their president and the armed forces continue to view the country as a sovereign state. The political environment of Taiwan is tense and complicated with the chances of a military conflict arising should it make overt actions on the de jure independence (Chu and Markus 2009). Based on that, it is the duty of the PRC policy to use any method such as force to ensure reunification if peaceful reunification is not possible. Substantial military groups exist in Fujian coast to provide backup in case of any violence. PRC supports the issue of one China policy that states Taiwan and mainland China both form part of China. The system is kept in order to prevent ROC from being internationally recognized.
The Republic of China (ROC) Constitution was drafted before the fall of China. The political parties found in the country include Democratic Progressive Party, People's First Party, Taiwan Independence Party, and New Party. The ROC government exists in various levels that include provincial, central, municipal, city, and county. The central government comprises of the office of the president and five branches known as Yuan. The Legislative Yuan, Examination Yuan, control Yuan, Judicial Yuan and Executive Yuan. Taxes are necessary, as they are the source of revenue for various levels of government of the ROC. The finance ministry is charged with the mandate of implementing various taxes policies and leveling tax collection. Some of the taxes include deed tax, house tax, and vehicle license tax (Denny 2003). The local government oversees tax collection, enforces the law, and delivers services such as public health check up to the community.Legal system The judicial yuan is the highest organ within the judiciary in the Republic. The functions of the judiciary are to adjudicate on administrative, civil, and criminal cases. The subordinate levels within the judicial yuan include district courts, supreme high courts, high administrative courts, supreme administrative courts, judicial personnel center, and commission on the disciplinary sanctions of the functionaries. The 15 justices found within the judicial yuan including the president, and vice president of the body are appointed or nominated by the president. Various justices are charged with the duty of constitution interpretation. Taiwan is a socialist country. The Taiwan Intellectual property office set up in 1999 deals with matters pertaining to trademark, patent and copyright (Denny 2003). The office works under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
There are three types of patents in Taiwan, and they include invention, new utility, and new design patent. The registration of the patients might be revoked if a similar patent had been registered. The legal system also plays a role in the patent, trademark, and copyright issuing especially when it comes to matters pertaining to paths of appeal. When an unfavorable decision is made to an individual by TIPO, they can appeal to the Administrative Supreme Court, Ministry of economic affairs and file suit in the Administrative High Court.

Taiwan and ASEAN

Taiwan enjoys close association with ASEAN, which is Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ASEAN is an economic and political platform that comprises of about ten Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. The organization is important to Taiwan and other southeastern Asian countries as it accelerates social progress, socio cultural evolution, and economic growth. The organization is also important as it promotes collaboration and mutual interests between Taiwan and other member states.


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