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The technological developments that have taken place thus far have served to inhibit the realization of privacy by the society. The advent of the digital era has enhanced the capacity of technologies. The technologies in question are those that are able to access otherwise private information. The fact of increased threat to privacy has not gone unappreciated by firms. With the enhancement of the capacity of unscrupulous persons, there comes a need to also enhance the overall preventive mechanisms that are in place. There are three major issues facing organizations in the contemporary environment.
Data breach is one of the major privacy issues facing organizations operating in the contemporary environment. The current security systems have made it easy to identify data breaches (Lawford, Lo & Public Interest Advocacy Centre, 2012). As such, identifying data breaches have become a straightforward undertaking. The negative impacts that might accrue from data breaches is quite significant. With this being said, the best approach, as far as protecting organization’s data is concerned, entails the restriction of access to data. Such a move ought to be complemented by the encryption of data. It has to be noted that encryption is especially critical when data is transmitted across unsecure public networks. It is also extremely vital to ensure that the data in storage is encrypted. Such a measure will reduce the avenues for data hacking.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is mired with issues of privacy (Kling, 2014). Cloud computing has become a significant component in the contemporary business environment. The cloud provides exponential storage capacity. However, with this exponential storage potential comes the increased risk of loss of privacy. Firms that have yet to comprehend the dynamics of cloud computing will be hesitant in adoption. However, in dealing with the risk to privacy, focus of the agreement between the firm and the provider of the cloud services ought to center on the physical location of the provider. In this way, the firm will have entered into an agreement with the legal entity (Rountree & Castrillo, 2013).
The third privacy issue characterizing contemporary organizations is that of location services. The advancements in technology that have been made to this far make it plausible to locate individuals using their cell phones. In addition to this, the data collected by the cell phones are stored by service providers. In the event that this data is obtained by unscrupulous persons, then the employees of organizations are placed in grave harm. More often than not, data collected by the location services are not used immediately. Rather, the data is stored for a later purpose that is yet to be identified.
Three privacy issues have been outlined herein. Despite the actuality that three privacy issues have been outlined herein, only two are directly applicable to the sporting goods store. The issue of location services is not within the scope of technology use by the sporting goods store. There has been no need, as of yet, to equip the employees with store-provided cell phones. As such, focus will be on data breach and cloud computing. Data breach is a real risk to the store.
The data collected by the store pertains to private employee data and data pertaining to business operations. The store has a website and an online presence. Via these avenues, the store is able to collect data pertaining to its client tale. A data breach has the potential of leading to a loss of essential data. In the event that the competition gains access to such data, they will gain an advantage over the store in the market. The potential for data breach ought not to be underestimated. Unless potent measures are adopted, the store risks suffering a data breach. To this regard, the best solution entails the restriction and encryption of data at all levels especially during transmission and storage.
The second issues that can affect the store is cloud computing. The cloud offers a quality, dependable means of storing data. The use of the cloud reduces the risk associated with physically storing data. The store has yet to fully embrace the need for cloud computing. With time, the store is expected to adopt cloud computing. The risks associated with cloud computing have not gone unnoticed. However, the best approach to cloud computing is to enter into an agreement with the legal entity characterizing the service provider. In this way, the provider will be liable for any financial loss emanating from data breaches.
The one core security risk facing the sporting goods store is cyber-security. Modern technologies have made businesses increasingly prone to cyber crimes. With regard to the store, data breach is of the highest concern. Cyber crimes are occurring at an unprecedented rate. As such, the threat to critical data is increasing by the day. Additional steps have to be adopted to protect businesses. The computer fraud and abuse act protect business from loss of data. The verity of the issue is that all the data collected by the store have some bearing on its overall financial performance.

Security measures to be adopted

There are two key security measures that ought to be adopted. The first is the encryption of data at all possible levels. It is critical that the data be encrypted during transmission and storage. Such an approach will limit the potential avenues for data breaches. The second security measure is that of revising the restrictions that are in place. The store ought to revise the list of all the personnel who have access to data. Such an approach will also limit the potential avenues for loss of privacy.


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