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Forests cover about 1/3rd of the worlds’ land area. Deforestation means cutting down of trees generally in forests and forests are a perennial source of natural resources. They help in maintaining the ecological balance of the nature. If this balance is disturbed, human lives and the surrounding natural habitat gets threatened. The advantages of deforestation are innumerable , but the disadvantages of deforestation comes in a million ways.

Arguments for Deforestation

There are millions of people on earth who starve to death every year and much of our forestland is a wasteland. If these areas are converted into agricultural lands, the hunger of many could be satisfied and the deaths due to starving be controlled.
The forest wastelands can be used to boost the infrastructure of the economy since infrastructural facilities boost production in all sectors of the economy.
Trees store carbon dioxide (CO2) and high amount of carbon dioxide causes ecological disturbances in the atmosphere. Deforestation controls the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere since CO2 remains on the tree and is not released in the atmosphere.

Arguments against Deforestation

The chain reaction of deforestation has set global warming and the greenhouse effect. The greenhouses gases are burning up earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming. This heat cause harm to the ecological balance of nature, melting of ice and rising of sea water levels. The rainfall is affected and desert -like conditions prevails. Wild animals die and human survival is threatened. Since forests sustain every sort of life on the earth, their disappearance means all manmade problems
Forests are home to a large number of plant and animal species on earth. Loss of forests is creating a loss of habitat for these species whose homes are threatened due to deforestation. This is also resulting in the extinction of bio-diversity.
The sea levels are rising since the water cycle gets disturbed. Trees bring rain and keep the upper soil intact, but due to deforestation ice and glaciers around the world have started to melt.Conclusion
In the past few years, the world has witnessed a slight decline in deforestation rate but still a lot has to be done to make this a financial veracity. The need of the hour is to manage the forest resources optimally by planting optimum trees after the replacement of old trees to save ourselves from threatening to life.

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