Steroid Use By Teenagers: Reasons And Results Research Proposal

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Published: 2021/01/10


Anabolic steroids have been developed and used for physical enhancement by elevating testosterone levels. Originally synthesized in 1935, the first synthetic steroid was used by German soldiers to promote stamina and aggressiveness. By the 1940’s professional athletes used anabolic steroids to increase athletic performance and in 1958 began to produce them.
Athletes in many sports became dependent on the use of steroids in order to remain competitive against rivals who also used them. Sports organizations began to discourage them passively when serious side effects became associated with the use, but it wasn’t until 1975 that the International Olympic Committee officially banned steroid from athletic competition. In 1990, the possession of anabolic-androgenic steroids without a prescription became illegal in the United States.
Today, teenagers look to steroid use to build muscle for appearance and sports performance. A new study has shown that approximately five percent of middle school and high school students use anabolic illegal steroids regardless of dangerous side effects. This research proposal is offered in response to a societal need to protect teenage children from the serious side effect of anabolic steroid use.


Early sports competitions record the use of supposed performance enhancements such as Greeks eating sesame seeds, Aborigines chewing the pituri plant, and Norse warriors ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms. Athletes in later times looked to amphetamines to overcome fatigue and increase focus. Steroids were introduced in 1935 and were used for decades before the public recognized the potential for serious side effect and even death. It still took until 1990 for anabolic steroids to become illegal in America.

Opposing Viewpoints

Teenagers who use steroids do not believe they are detrimental to their health. There is a population of athletes and other adults who use anabolic steroids functioning under the same perception, but believe children should not participate until their growth systems have matured.


The goal of the research is to gather and present information to be used in programs designed to eliminate the use of steroids by teenagers. Teenage education, parent guidelines, recognition of indications of use, and suggestions for actions by the community will be included in the summary.

Research Questions

What are anabolic steroids? What are the different types?
What are the long- and short-term benefits and side effects of using anabolic steroids?
Why do adolescents want anabolic steroids? Where do they find them? Is using steroids
worth the risk?What can parents do to protect their children against the dangers of steroid use? What should schools, law enforcement, and other agencies do to convince teenagers about the use of these drugs?What can be done to prevent access to illegal steroids?


Teenage steroid use is dangerous and steps need to be taken to prevent use.
Method of Investigation
A literature review of research articles and other appropriate publications will be performed to gather information on the subject. Books, journals, magazines, and internet postings from reputable sources are potential sources of data. As the topic is relatively new, sources will be no older than five years. The short period of time the problem has been recognized may serve as barrier to adequate research sources. I will also present information from my personal experience. Statistical data will be presented in addition to interviews with professional bodybuilders who have used steroids during their careers and now regret the use due to side effects.


As long as steroids remain available, this article will not have a specific time to maintain validity. The article resulting from this research will be published in my ASU online portfolio published on April 12, 2015.


The intended audience is all teenagers (using, potentially using, or friends of users), parents and other family members, teachers and coaches, and community agencies such as health programs and law enforcement.


The format for presentation will be popular with an academic undertone. It is important to convey the seriousness of the situation and present the findings in a convincing manner, but the audience must be able to understand the message presented.

Annotated Bibliography

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This website documents the history of steroid use from early competition in ancient Greece to present day. The information is interesting, but the source is not academic enough for reliability. There are no references or citations.
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