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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with using coworkers as trainers. One of the advantages of using coworkers as trainers is that it promotes team building skills. This advantage could also lead to increased awareness and understanding of each co-worker roles, staff morale, and build networking as well. The disadvantage however is that it stagnate innovation. It is important for companies to constantly upgrade and grow with the current trends and update training materials, along with bringing in new ideas and trainers, otherwise the business atmosphere will grow “dry”.
What are benchmark jobs and how are they used for placing a specific job into a pay grade? These sorts of jobs are considered common, not to mention consistent throughout many types of employers like an administrative assistant or a secretary. The specific job is placed into a pay grade by job evaluation committees which could make up the human resource manager, payroll, etc. This committee would closely evaluate the job title and their daily operations to decide the pay grade.
Discuss neutralization as a means of dealing with an employee whose performance does not improve after repeated warnings and counseling. The term neutralization could mean stopping problems right in its tracks. “One of the best ways to neutralize problem employees is to take a goal oriented look at the employee handbook, policies, and practices. It is crucial to amend any policies that are outdated, unfair, or opens the door to litigation” (
What are the advantages and disadvantages of delaying payout of performance-based pay, rather than paying the reward immediately? Performance-based pay or generally classified as “commissions” has the advantage of giving the employee motivation. It allows the employee to work extra hard in feeling a sense of self accomplishment, whereas the disadvantage could be a situation if the employee may be ill, then the worker will not be paid and unable to take care of his/her needs, as well as their family. Another disadvantage is the instability and never knowing the exact amount of what the paycheck may be.
Since performance can be measured at the individual, work team, department, plant, strategic business unit, or organizational level, how does a company specify the level of aggregation for reward distribution? The company pay plan must fit the conditions of the organization. The variable pay plan can be classified by a number of variables, specifically the level of aggregation. The aggregation is the unit for which performance or output will be determined. The unit will receive the organization's reward. However, there are three levels of aggregation which are usually defined, they are the a) individual (person's output or performance is measured and the rewards the person receives are based upon this measurement), b) group (difficult to relate output to an individual employee's efforts so it must relate to the efforts of the work group), and the organization (directly affect the cost and/or profit picture of the organization) (
Washington Parts manufacturing is a medium-sized company that provides auto parts and accessories for engines. Its CEO is thinking of setting up an on-site daycare center, but he is concerned about the potential negative response from his childless employees to this indirect compensation that will not benefit those without children. What is your opinion and what approach should the CEO take? In my opinion, the CEO should conduct a survey for the childless employees so they are able to write the programs down in what they would be interested in, such as an on-site gym area, or a café, then I would tally up the results amongst top management, including myself. This survey is essential so none of the employees would feel left out and there would not be anything to leave a negative response to. Everyone should have a voice within the organization.
Imagine you are talking to a manufacturer of pleasure boats located on Whidbey Island that has nine employees. How would you respond to the question, "Do you believe benefit packages should be selected on the basis of what is good for the employee as well as what is good for the employer?" Please explain. My response would be to this question is, “I agree with this statement because it is a “win-win situation”. Both parties deserve to be happy since the employee and employer is working together, so why not create a benefit package in which we both could handle? It is about communication and what is fair based upon everyone’s needs.
List and briefly define the five types of bargaining used in contract negotiation. The five types of bargaining in contracts are A) Interest based bargaining involve a good faith effort by both parties for a mutual understanding. B) Collective bargaining process which could be a set of solutions to a set of perceived problems. C) Adversarial Bargaining is when parties review the list of options and agree according to the best choices. D) Traditional bargaining in which parties have mutual opinions and come to a simple agreement. E) Waivers or overrides which could consist of eliminating the complete contractual language in its entirety (
The employees at Metropolitan Industries, a heavy equipment manufacturer, went on strike about eight months ago. Metropolitan hired James, an acquaintance of yours, about four months ago. This was his first job, and James knows nothing about unions. He has heard through the grapevine that the strike will end soon. Since he knows you have taken a HR class, James has asked you what will happen to his job when the striking workers return. What do you tell him? James should try not to get involved in the strike, be certain to properly document his work hours, and do not gossip or become a part of “hearsay”. If he should have any worries about the future of his position, request a private meeting with his supervisor.
Cathy is a recently hired employee in the HR department at a healthcare organization. She believes the organization would benefit if it could reduce the rates and severity of accidents and stress-related illnesses among its employees. List the arguments she can use to convince her supervisor to launch an organization-wide safety campaign to try to improve the quality of work life for employees. Some arguments that Cathy could use is to research all of the work related illnesses and accidents that has already taken place at her job. Cathy could also network with other employees and take notes on whether if they were involved in any accidents or illnesses. She could also see if these employees would be willing to commit to sign a petition for more outreach programs.

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