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Exam One

Natural law is a principle derived from right reason, nature, or religion that ethically holds human society. This kind of law has a universal application in recognizing whether a behavior is right or wrong.
The common law legal system is the law applicable to a group on the grounds of customs as well as legal precedents.
The civil law legal system is a comprehensive system of principles systematically arranged using codes. These principles are accessible to all jurists and citizens.


A. Civil Court
B. Written down
Judicial courts and tribunals
Trial courts is where court cases are heard initially while appellate courts are the venues for cases in which the other part files an appeal to review the court’s decision.


B. Personal and F. Subject matter
The three branches of the government are the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the judicial branch. The Legislative branch main function is to make laws. It also changes existing laws whenever necessary. In addition, the Legislative branch overrides the veto of the President if the houses agree to do so. The Executive branch enforces laws created by the congress. It also negotiates as well as signs treaties. On the other hand, the judicial branch primary function is to interpret the Constitution and reviews the laws.

B. Legislative branch

A. Judicial branch
A. Defendant and D. Plaintiff
When the appellate court remands a case, it means that the case is sent back to the lower appellate court or trial court in order for further action to be implemented.
Supremacy Clause of the Constitution states that the laws of the United States and all Treaties created shall be the supreme law of the land. Moreover, the federal law takes precedence over state laws.
The Executive branch has the power to enforce laws written by the Congress. The Executive branch also signs treaties.
The Legislative branch has the power to create laws. It also has the power to change all or any of the existing laws. Moreover, the Legislative branch has the power to override the veto of the President if the houses agree to do so. This is possible through two-thirds vote of the members.
The Commerce clause grants power to the congress to control commerce with international countries, and among the States and Indian Tribes.
D. Fourth Amendment

Probable Cause

A. First

Obscenity is an act or behavior that offends the prevailing morality of the period.

Search incident to lawful arrest
Yes. The statement is protected by the First Amendment that does not restrict the rights of the people to freedom of speech.
No. It cannot be upheld. Louisiana is a state that is governed by a Civil Law. When the law is intended to benefit the state, it is considered legal and valid.

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