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Published: 2020/11/04

Going back to my past, I must admit that I always used to be a very happy boy. As most of my friends, I was never interested in such things as, for example, death; however, one summer day, I suddenly realized its real power.
At first, I believed that that death was some sort of a thing that can happen only somewhere a great distance away, and, for some reason, it will never touch me or any of my relatives and friends. That summer day changed my belief with regards to my understanding of death; my convictions changed dramatically when I saw a young boy willing to commit suicide.
It was an usual summer day. The weather was not really hot, yet, quite warm and pleasant. I had my summer holidays. As usual, I went to play with my friends to the playground. We have very green and fresh area with a lot of playgrounds for children and the rest area for adults. That is why there were always many people playing, talking, walking with dogs and cats or just reading and listening to music in the open air. All of these things were happening that day as well.
It was almost midday when I was playing football. Then, suddenly, I heard two people shouting. That was a boy and a girl. They were arguing about something, and I decided that it was his girlfriend. As it was mentioned before, this boy occurred to be our neighbor. He was in his twentieth, very handsome, intelligent and very kind. He sometimes played with me together with my friends. I would like to say that everyone liked this boy. However, in this situation I understood that something was going wrong. The girl was shouting and abusing him all the time. At the end she just stood up and went away with the words that she did not want to see him again. The boy did not shout anything to her in return, he just went home.
As usual, after my lunch I was watching television. My mother was cooking something sweet. And I was happy more than ever having the feeling that soon I will be drinking my tea with a hot and sweet pie. All in all, things changed. First of all, I heard some women crying outside the window. Initially, I did not understand what was happening, so just went to the balcony to see why these women were crying. What I saw was a terrible thing. The boy, who had argued with his girlfriend two hours ago, was standing on his balcony trying to kill himself. He was crying and telling to everybody that he would not live without his girlfriend, because he loved her more than anything else; moreover, he said that his life was pointless without her. With every minute the number of crying women and shocked men was constantly rising. Someone called the police, and soon police officers were also trying to convince young boy of the need to stop and not commit a suicide and not to run to extremes.
Negotiations lasted about an hour before someone called his girlfriend and asked her to come here. When she came, the hope appeared that the situation would change for better. But it did not happen. Everybody began to persuade her to tell this young boy that she had made a great mistake and she would be his girlfriend again. But the girl appeared to be a very hard-hearted person, and she just said that had thought very well and she would not return to this boy; then she just left.
When my mother saw what was going on, she just took my hand and led me to my room. She closed the door to the balcony and put the curtains on the windows. I did not understand for what she was doing all of this, but now I realize that it was all for my own good. She did not want me to see this tragedy. She just did not want to ruin my childhood. That is why she insisted that I was near the TV set and gave my tea with a piece of pie. Nevertheless, I was not interested in the pie anymore.
She closed everything but I still could hear that something bad was going on the outside. I heard what that girl shouted to him, I heard how the police officers were trying to convince him, I heard an ordinary people crying and shouting and, in such a way, also making attempts to help this young boy. At the end, I just heard the sound of the fall; it was a terrifying sound. It was like something lifeless and extremely heavy fell down. At first, I did not realize what had happened, but I knew that it was something strange, because everybody stopped crying and shouting for one moment; that moment lasted a whole eternity for me. But then, suddenly, I could hear the voices again; yet, this time nobody was shouting but just crying. When my mother came to the window and saw the outcome of this dramatic real life story, she did not say a word. I could only see the tears in her eyes.
That moment I realized the situation. I understood that that the boy had died; it was clear that he would never give me the sweets again. He just decided that his own life without that crusty and selfish girl was not worthy of notice. Subsequently, the body of this boy was taken by the ambulance. As it was later mentioned, he died before the ambulance arrived.
Concerning the given story, it is worth saying that this self-murderer was highly motivated to commit suicide, since he forcedly passed through a number of great disturbances and uncertainties related to his girlfriend. Consequently, saving him from the incipient craving for death was not an easy task. The thing is that his willingness to die appeared to be of a pervasive influence; as a result, it was not just about asking his girlfriend to say few words in order to still him. It becomes apparent that the only way to prevent the man from this crime was to give the proofs that people are not allowed to get out of this world on your own initiative. The point is that while committing suicide the humans get rid of many problems; however, they also demonstrate the weakness, which lies in their inability to cope with the obstacles. This is not about religion. I am just aware that a suicide is not target it is necessary to be aimed at in case there are certain trials to pass through. I would rather attempt to overcome the challenges and prove it just an unpleasant coincide in my life.
After this tragedy my mother did not let me out for a week. Maybe, in such a way, she thought that I would forget this dreadful story. Now I can avouch the exact contrary; I still remember each detail, smell and sound. That day I understood that death was everywhere; it is obvious that no one can avoid it; and it does not matter at all whether people are willing to die or not. Death is powerful enough to come and take the one it is in need of. As a result, it is necessary to be grateful that for what we have. It is important to understand that none of the days should be wasted.
As a consequence of the abovementioned real life story, I became aware of the significance of life. The thing is that despite any kind of conflicts people are prone to have, it is necessary to appreciate the gift of life. Evidently, various conflicts become an integral part of our daily life. The majority of people collide with such things as stress, confusion, anxiety and pain. All in all, one should keep in mind the fact that life is given once to feel and live it. When contemplating on the matter of life, one should consider it as the chance to enjoy it in full measure and definitely not miss out an opportunity to be proud that you lived a decent life. That is what I believe in.

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