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UAE is among the modern and developed countries in the world. It is worth noting that traffic is one of the critical issues that has influenced the social and economic development within UAE. There are tremendous reasons behind traffic jam in UAE. The ever increasing number of trucks and population tend to be the basis of the traffic problems in the region. Transportation is essential based on the fact that it enhances social progress and economic growth (Benesh, 2010). In UAE, there are several problems of traffic, which include loss of life, poor parking slots, waste of time, pollution, reduced economic growth, an increase in respiratory problems, and global warming. Nevertheless, there are solutions focused on solving these problems.
Loss of life is one of the problems of traffic in UAE. Studies show that many people die because accidents caused by traffic in UAE. The number of deaths caused by traffic is on the rise, and the trend continue to increase. The traffic makes people impatient and stressed; hence, everyone is on the rush when an opportunity to move arises (Martin, 2005). The solution to this problem called for strict control measures such as stop signs, regulations and instituted policies that bring to an end the problem. Inefficiency in operations can be eliminated through application of critical control measures in UAE.
Another problem associated with traffic is poor economic growth. Economic growth depends on various indicators. In an economic perspective, traffic affects several indicators of economic growth adversely. These means that the economic activities are hindered by the traffic in UAE. Studies show that UAE was among the regions that experienced rapid economic growth, but in the recent past the economic growth has reduced (Walker, 2010). Traffic in UAE is making people waste much time on the roads rather than focusing on economic activities. People reach workplace late leading to the tremendous decline in economic production. Delays of perishable products have led to business losses and low-quality production. One of the solutions to this problem quality planning of infrastructure, especially within cities in UAE. In addition, advanced transport means to be implemented in order to enhance easy accessibility.
Parking issues is another problem associated with traffic in UAE. Individuals find it very difficult to find parking slots, these increases jam on the roads. People waste many hours looking for a place to park making it very difficult to be to their destination within the expected time. The long delays in the road make employees waste much time in their cars instead of spending such time being productive. On the same note, lack of enough parking slots leads to accidents in UAE. These are an increase of accidents in UAE according to traffic reports. People become frustrated on the traffic jams; hence, losing concentration while driving (International Conference on Construction Materials and Structures, In Ekolu, In Dundu, & In Gao, 2014). One of the solutions to the problem is creating many parking slots. In fact, the stakeholders responsible for infrastructural planning have to put more emphasizes in developing more parking slots. A policy need also to be implemented to ensure that people use mass transit means as a way of reducing traffic within cities and workplaces.
Pollution and fuel consumption is also another tremendous problem that is brought about by traffic. In the 21st century, global warming and environmental degradation is attributed to the population. UAE has increased pollution due to traffic congestion. Cars that stop in traffic jam produce large quantities of carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment and people (Oxford Business Group, 2007). Apart from global warming, the carbon emissions in UAE have localized problems such as increased respiratory problems. Poor air quality due to pollution is a threat to the health of people living in UAE. Fuel consumption has increase commuters costs because stopping the traffic burns much fuel. The emission then increases carbon emission. One of the solutions is encouraging the use of hybrid vehicles in UAE and the entire world. Hybrid cars reduce the carbon emission in the air. Increasing road capacity reduces the stopping of cars in the traffic leading to decreased pollution and fuel consumption.
In the general perspective, traffic congestion in UAE is a reality that is associated with many problems. Traffic congestion is a situation that occur in the road network when the road uses increases inversely to the development of roads. In UAE, the demand for road users is increasing rapidly than the supply. There are several problems that arise as a result if traffic in UAE. Some of the critical problems included waste of time, pollution, reduced economic growth, an increase in respiratory problems, global warming, delays, loss of life and increased fuel consumption (BRIEF, 2009). The solutions are also in place to ensure that traffic in UAE is reduced. Encouraging mass transit is part of the solution to the problems. Other imperative solutions include proper planning of infrastructures, use of hybrid vehicles, proper traffic management, increased parking slots, as well as strict control measures. UAE have to implement each of the solutions in order to end the traffic problems. UAE is among the modern county, yet they are still facing traffic jams.


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