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With the research papers being an essential part of modern-day education, every student gets to write tens of them throughout the years spent in college or in a university. Writing research papers on accounting isn’t much different to writing research papers for any other discipline: to prepare a profound, A-worthy academic essay you need to plan it out, do thorough research and follow all the requirements of your teacher. Besides, you need to remember that an excellent accounting research paper requires meticulous work with statistics, figures, relevant literature sources and guides on financial accounting. Although this task may seem to be compelling at first, familiarizing self with the basic principles, structure, and purpose of such papers will aid you in getting the highest grade.

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Another important factor to consider is choosing accounting topics for research paper. Writing on a subject that is relevant and evokes your vivid interest at the same time will result in a prominent work duly appreciated by your teacher.

In this article, you’ll find the best topics as well as helpful pieces of free advice on how to write an accounting research paper.

Expert Tips on Writing Accounting Research Papers

Writing a research paper on accounting is similar to writing papers for other disciplines. All you need to do is follow the instructions of your professor, and stick to this plan:

  1. Select a topic.
  2. Conduct background research.
  3. Develop an outline.
  4. Write a detailed draft based on the outline.
  5. Revise and edit the draft and turn it into the final version of the essay.
  6. Proofread the piece before handing it in.

Make sure you gather enough information and research materials for your paper. Use at least three relevant sources to design a convincing argument or proof; cited papers authored by accounting experts published on official and governmental websites and resources from student libraries should be your preference.

Write a thesis statement – one-two sentences that will describe what precisely your paper is about. Next, create an outline and write a detailed draft that will later be turned into the final variant of your paper. Include the thesis statement into the introductory part. Use the body part of the paper to provide evidence from the scientific sources. Revise, proofread, and polish the writing before handing it in; make the amendments if needed. Mind its structure and style and stick to the required format.

How to Choose Good Accounting Topics for Research Papers?

The topic you choose for your paper should be narrow enough to be thoroughly investigated; at the same time, it shouldn’t be too narrow and let you find the sufficient amount of information to cover and explain the topic’s essence.

First of all, you need to pick an idea and develop it. With a wide variety of topics on accounting, it might be hard for you to pick just one. In case your professor hasn’t limited you to a list of topics to choose from, you can turn for ideas to media and online resources. TV news on a business channel, articles in newspapers, and materials on educational and business-related sites may all inspire you. Whichever topic you choose it’s essential to determine its relevance to you and your audience before you get down to work. Treasury stock, financial, managerial or cost accounting research paper topics are some of the basic ones you could cover.

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Winning Topics for a Research Paper on Accounting

Here are some intermediate topics for different branches of accounting to inspire you on writing a winning research paper.

Managerial accounting topics for research paper

  • Perspectives of the earnings management
  • The most effective ways of reducing taxes in the organizations
  • Which mistakes lead to debt growth and how to avoid them?
  • In what ways managerial accounting is affected by financial markets?
  • How can managers make correct accounting decisions?

Accounting information systems research paper topics

  • Which accounting systems are the most effective, and how do they help accountants?
  • The value of the rapidly flowing information for today’s accountants
  • Which systems develop accounting, and how do they improve it?
  • The key pros and cons of modern technologies for the sphere of accounting
  • Possible risks in the design and analysis of information systems

Research papers strategic management accounting

  • The integration of strategic management with technology in the running of modern business transactions
  • The ways to mitigate financial misappropriation with the help of strategic management
  • A comparative analysis of strategic management and business planning
  • The prospects of strategic management in the business environment

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Need an Advanced Topic for Accounting Research Paper

With profound research and faultless writing, choosing one of the advanced topics below may result in an excellent grade.

Advanced topics in accounting require profound research and great attention to details in the process of writing. However, your teacher will appreciate the effort put into preparing a challenging work.

Forensic accounting research paper topics

  • Effective measures in escaping financial fraud
  • The key details of the fraud case in Goldman Sachs securities
  • Which skills are essential for forensic accountants?
  • The role of a forensic accountant
  • Basic principles of conducting a forensic accounting investigation

Research papers ethics in accounting

  • Relationship between firm valuation and myopic management
  • The review of the biggest frauds in accounting over the past 20 years
  • The main contributions of Luca Pacioli into accounting ethics
  • The evolvement of accounting ethics theories over time

Many students will agree that writing a research paper on accounting can be a challenging task. Sometimes writing tips and instructions of your teacher may be not enough, and you find yourself stuck in the middle of the writing process. At this moment, you may realize that you’re in need of professional accounting research help. The easiest way to get it is to apply to one of the numerous writing companies that sell research papers online. Trained writers can help you at any stage of working on the paper – from choosing a topic to editing the one you’ve prepared or custom write the whole piece for you.  After you fill in the online order form and make a deposit payment, a manager will sign you up with an experienced writer with whom you can discuss the details of work. When the essay is ready, you can download a PDF sample on your device.

Here’s the final piece of advice for you: try to avoid the sites that offer pre-written materials – often these companies appear to be a scam. It’s safer to opt for services that don’t promise research paper writer free of charge – it increases your chances of getting a high-quality piece drastically.

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