How to Write a Proper Child Abuse Research Paper?

Child abuse is one of the most emotional and acute issues that require prompt action as well as preventative measures and information dissemination. Tragedies involving child abuse and neglect are heartbreaking, and, unfortunately, they appear to be in the news too often as more than a million children fall victim to it each year. No wonder, a research paper on this problem is one of the most common writing assignments in the American educational institutions.

Such papers may approach the issue from different angles and be appropriate for psychology, political science, sociology or law courses depending on the questions covered. That is why sooner or later you will need to craft an essay on child abuse and submit it to your professor in .doc, .pdf or another format. Below we have gathered helpful ideas on how to write such papers, some strong child abuse research paper topics to consider and a free outline example.

 child abuse research paper

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How to Choose Child Abuse Topics for Research Paper?

Child abuse can be roughly divided into 4 categories – physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect. We recommend reducing your topic to one of these categories first. Combining all four in one short essay is hardly manageable.

After that, refine your topic by selecting issues to cover in your piece: whether it is psychological and sociological causes of that type of abuse, prevention or treatment methods or organizations engaged in addressing the problem.

Here are some of the possible concerns:

  • What measures should be taken to prevent and reduce incidents of child abuse?
  • What do recognized authorities and experts say regarding how to put an end to child abuse?
  • Where do we draw a line between discipline and physical child abuse?
  • What needs to be changed in our judicial system that might stop child abuse and neglect?
  • What is the possible influence of the abuse in childhood on future relationships?

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Research Papers on Child Abuse Most Common Aspects

When choosing the narrower topic to work with, it’s much better to give preference to something you might be interested in and totally comfortable to write about. In order to opt for a really appealing topic, think of the most widely discussed aspects. Keep in mind that a particular issue can be reviewed either very generally or regarding a specific matter.

Psychological and Emotional Abuse

  • How to define psychological or emotional child abuse? What is the difference between them?
  • Can raising a kid in an unsafe environment be considered as psychological abuse?
  • How can bullying or other verbal violence affect a kid?

Physical Child Abuse

  • Adult survivor of physical child abuse
  • Different forms of physical abuse
  • What are the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome?

Child Abuse Recognizing, Preventing, and Fighting

  • How to recognize a certain type of child abuse?
  • How does legislation towards child abuse differ around the globe?
  • Should sentences for child abusers be more severe so that to minimize the chances of it happening?
  • Successful cases of child abuse incidents reduction

Child Abuse Presence in the USA

  • How common is a certain type of abuse in our country?
  • Comparison of child abuse in the USA and European countries

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Research Paper on Child Abuse and Neglect Ideas

Neglect is one of the most popular types of child abuse that combines features of emotional and physical maltreatment. It happens when children don’t get closing, shelter, schooling, protection or medical care to the extent he or she needs. Neglect is just as serious as physical abuse, but, at the same time, much more common.

Therefore, a good technique you might want to use when opening up this issue is describing a life experience. Neglect is so widespread that you or your friends or acquaintances have probably faced it. If you have experienced or witnessed something like that in your life, don’t be ashamed to share. Change names or places but speak on the main course of the event.

Here are some of the topics research paper writers might wish to explore:

  • How to identify child neglect?
  • What impact does neglect have on children safety, health, and wellbeing?
  • Child neglect in the context of cultures and religions.
  • How should children neglect be punished and to what extent?
  • What are the problems of delivering decent services to children?

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Example of Outline for Research Paper About Child Abuse

Here is a sample of the child abuse research paper outline dedicated to the issue of childhood abuse and neglect highlighted in the literature.

  • Introduction is where you define child abuse and accentuate on the relevance of the topic. Do not forget about the thesis statement – your first hook sentence! Shocking statistics or comparison of an abusive parent with Cinderella’s stepmother will be just fine here.
  • Body of the text should be about 80% of the paper length. Here you analyze the topic and provide examples of each type of child abuse in literature in a logical sequence. You can start each paragraph of the main body with a topic sentence.
  • Conclusion of the research paper: child abuse cases in literature. Here you summarize the information you have shared in the main body, restate the main idea from introduction in different words and insist on the scrutiny of the problem on the side of government and society.

We hope these ideas will give you a general understanding of how to write a research paper on child abuse and successfully ace this writing assignment. Whether you need any further research paper help from topic refinement to final product proofreading, you are welcome to find it here.

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