Criminal Justice Research Paper Best Topics and Ideas

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10 Sep 2019

The field of criminal justice is as old as our society. In every system, there are people who decide to go against the rules. The judicial system exists to prevent them from trampling on the welfare of other citizens. A career built in the area of law is considered to be prestigious and honorable. This is why thousands of young people from all corners of the world choose to study criminal justice in educational institutions.criminal justice research paper

To become a respectable specialist, one needs to pass a range of exams, complete countless assignments, and gain extensive knowledge that can be put in practice. If you chose law to be your field of academic study, looking for research paper topics for criminal justice must be a part of your studying routine.

Statistics claim that academic assignments in criminal justice take the 2nd place after those in general law in terms of difficulty. They require accuracy and an extensive number of credible sources to support arguments and ideas. The primary task for the students is to find such topics for criminal justice research papers that are both relevant and reliable. It may be a challenging task with the majority of the topics being either too narrow or overly broad.

If you’re looking for inspirational help, we’ll gladly provide it to you. In this post, you’ll find some helpful tips on how to write a criminal justice research paper, as well as ideas for your vision when choosing a topic for the future essay.

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General Topics for Criminal Justice Research Paper

The science of criminal justice studies illegal acts, analyzes them, and educates on how to prevent them from happening. The majority of students, who deal with the academic assignments in law, get to prepare either reviews of the articles or topics on problem solution that aim to analyze the existing challenges and find the most efficient resolutions. From a solid thesis statement to criminal justice research paper format and structure, college professors expect the students to prepare the essays that are 50/50 mix of existing valid information and their personal scientific contribution. Avoiding plagiarism and supporting each paragraph with sufficient number of credible sources are the key requirements.

Whichever type of academic paper you’re assigned to prepare, make sure that the issue you focus on is clear and definite. Topics on criminal justice can be called limited and flexible at the same time as the hypothesis they offer should be based on widely-known case studies or legislative acts.

When choosing a topic for your forthcoming paper, it’s best to opt for something that you find both exciting and interesting. Writing on an issue which you’re indifferent to, might result in a boring essay and losing your readers’ focus. If you aren’t confident that your professor will accept an original direction of scientific research, it’s best to stick to a standard generalized topic – something, that’s gained wide popularity on mass media and the Internet. You can explore the existing scientific theories, examine the roots of a problem or make discoveries, comparisons, and predictions. In any case, make sure to back up your argument with the relevant quotes and real-life examples. Here’re a few great examples of general topics for a research paper on criminal justice:

  1. Criminal prosecution of parental abduction in the USA
  2. Determine common motifs, features, and styles of behavior for cases of ransom and kidnapping
  3. How can crimes against wildlife be prevented?
  4. The types of cybercrimes and legal perspectives of them
  5. The key principles of selecting a jury
  6. The harm caused by identity theft
  7. Differences and similarities of homicide and murder
  8. Ways to save children from cyberstalking and cyberbullying

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Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics on Controversial Issues

A controversial topic considers several opposite points of view. You can build your research around an opinion which you believe to be the most logical and provide evidence to back it up. Alternatively, you can analyze all the existing opinions objectively and let your readers decide which one is the most trustworthy. In the list below, you can find some good examples of controversial topics for a winning criminal justice essay:

  1. Means of protecting oneself against false accusations
  2. Are crime and race be correlated?
  3. The importance of eyewitness testimony in investigating a crime
  4. The effectiveness of boot camps for underage offenders
  5. Is there a correlation between crime and various social classes?
  6. Which is more effective – reform or punishment?
  7. Should colleges and high schools develop testing for drugs?
  8. Are the cases of juvenile delinquency more frequent between the immigrants' children?


Criminal Justice Research Paper Examples of Debate Topics

Debate topics focus on ethical issues and other problems that, despite being relevant and concerning a significant number of people, still have no clear solution. These might be some of the most exciting topics on criminal justice to research for. The following examples may inspire you for an outstanding essay:

  1. Is it acceptable to use informants in prisons?
  2. Should drunk drivers be punished more severely?
  3. How can the decriminalization of marijuana affect medicine, business, and social life?
  4. Can crimes be reduced with zero tolerance?
  5. Is plea bargaining acceptable for settling the criminal cases?
  6. Should shaming become an element of criminal punishment?
  7. Can police shooting be considered valid?


We hope that our bits of advice and examples of topics will help you create an excellent essay on criminal justice. However, if you find it difficult to choose the right topic and support it with solid evidence, you can address the best research paper writing service for academic help. A team of experienced writers will help you at any stage of writing or offer 100% original custom research papers for sale.

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